I Can’t hide my feeling for 15sec 😞😒
It can be hard to be honest about your journey to someone you’ve just met, especially when there’s a risk you might have to do the right thing and help them. All we can suggest is to fuck them before they open their mouths. 🙏🙏 LINK IN BIO
#happyfathersday to the one and only marshall mathers, cause we know that for you, it’s the most important job🧡💛thank you for being such a role model dad, your awesome 3 girls prove it. we know how proud they must be of having you!! have a great day asshole!! we love you!!👨‍👧
Muhammad Ali and Cus D'Amato messing around. 👑 @boxingroyalty 👑| Follow my Twitter: boxingroyalty1 • DM for video credit. 💯
Quick trip @necessite__
Just turned the lights on in their room. Benson and his baby are already playing...😊♥️
@therealkareenakapoor in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture 16 on the digital cover of @vogueindia June 2019 Issue. Ph. @tyszka_marcin Stylist @anaitashroffadajania
Before I dive back into work, I wanted to share a thought I meditated on the other day. So much of our heartache is the result of people who we’ve decided are not good for us. A friend who betrayed you, a lover who hurt you, a parent that didn’t understand you or even a boss that didn’t build you up. People hurt us and if we’re fortunate we’re able to remove ourselves from their presence. We label those people as “bad for us” and in the moment that might be true. However when I reflect back, I don’t think anyone has really been bad for me in the long run because in some way or another they’ve been great for my journey. I wouldn’t have learned a lot of crucial lessons without the heartache I allowed some people to give me. I wouldn’t be as resilient, strong, mindful or compassionate without getting hurt by these “bad” people. Perhaps those who are “bad for us” are great for our journey. And I think that’s pretty beautiful. Move on with love knowing that. ❤️
What a battle! Brilliant performance by my friend @martinslicis congratulations brother on a huge WIN! And congrats to @kieliszkowskimateusz for strong 2nd! You guys are the real BEASTS! I’m very happy with my 8th consecutive podium finish at the @theworldsstrongestman
SEAN DON 📸: @thomasfalcone
I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday 🥳
Juuuuuuust when you think FitzSimmons have been reunited...
Thank you for being mine, and thank you for being the only reasons I’m still kinda sane? Also, never mind the brother hoodie I’m rockin, I get recognized without it too .. “Daddy. Why do people always want your picture?” “Cause he’s famous , Cylus” That’s right boys.. #HappyFathersDay
Your favorite American tourists!
Camel riding 🐫 ✅ off the bucket list.
I’m just an average kid from the block with a dream.
Henry Winkler says that since winning an Emmy for #BarryHBO he has noticed a change in the way people and the industry treat him. Watch more from the comedy actor roundtable – link in bio.
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