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1972 Munich Olympics. 17 y.o Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut stuns the audience by performing a move that is now known as 'the Korbut flip'.
#TBT dessa festa surpresa maravilhosa que minha princesa organizou. ❤️ Valeu @mumuzinho pela ajuda também. O B R I G A D O a todos: @lorenaduquefestas decoração top 👌🏾 @maktubopenbar @burguerclubmb @japiassuluzsomeimagem @kimurarestaurante @dona_carmelita_eventos @neocupacrilicos
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🔚 Stage in Montreal. 🔜 Houston. ¡Seguimos! 💪🏽
Old but gold 🤨🤨🤨 #handmade #whatsingonnaflyagain
Key word: entertainer. Acting, singing, dancing, hosting, joking! And any other form of entertainment that I can offer. I have never been able to fit in a box because I love ART and there is no limit to my expression of that. I’m so grateful just like this Queen! She inspired me all my life and even through her physical absence she’s still a reminder of what I can achieve. I love you Aaliyah! Thank you.
its been a year now 💙💚💛🧡💜 i love you guys so much @patrickpaigeii @c_smith0213 @steve.lacy @theinternet
1950s McDonalds Museum in Des Plaines Illinois 😍😍❤️🍔🍟
@iluvsarahii wearing Beach Bum matte lipstick topped with You Are The Sun high gloss ✨
Waiting for the bride while officiating at my lil’ brother’s wedding.
when you see your food coming
Sergeant Major Jiggs was the first bulldog to ever “serve” as the mascot of the U.S. Marine Corps. (ca. 1924)
Today We Gave Back #qboroclassic 1pm Free Foods Free Rides Free Games #SnowCones #Water #djsvspromoters Game Starts 5pm Love Your Neighborhood
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New episode on my YouTube channel 🍋🍊 Many of you have asked about my diet and the types of foods I eat, so I decided to bring you all grocery shopping with me to learn first hand ♥️ Link in bio to watch
Which one the best slap 1 2 3 4 or 5 ? #TheToniteShow #djfreshdjfreshdjfresh