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Co-founder of the non-profit @sea_legacy and photojournalist for National Geographic. @PaulNicklenGallery

Our Svalbard mission remained an exciting adventure until the end. The @sea_legacy team enjoyed their journey through some rough seas on our way back to port. @steinretzlaff @erichroepke @derekrushton_ #mystomachhurts #roughseas #svalbard #arctic
A flurry of snow rapidly covers the seascape as a mother polar bear frolics with her young, four month old cubs. In order to feed herself and her two growing offspring, she must be an infallible hunter. After a successful hunt, the playful cubs nuzzle and play with their mother, and she, ever patient and tender, endures their affections. As a former biologist who helped work on polar bears, I struggle with satellite radio collars that are put on so many bears. During the spring feeding season, a bear might double or even triple its body weight. An excess of fat is needed to nurture growing cubs, as bears wait for the long Arctic summer to end and for the sea ice to form again. As a bear gains weight, the satellite collar might become so tight around its neck as to choke the bear. Science is important, but when have we gone too far to collect data? Video by @PaulNicklen for @Sea_Legacy , with @CristinaMittermeier , @samkretch , @erichroepke and @steinretzlaff. Music by @adamnriddle
The ever-changing weather of Svalbard, Norway creates a visual stage that I will never tire of studying with my camera. For @sea_legacy with our awesome team; @jenswikstromphotography @fredgranath @cristinamittermeier @samkretch @tomconlin @johanna.c.dominguez @melissa_schaefer schaefer @erichroepke @lnixpix @steinretzlaff #gratitude #nature #honorparis
#sponsored - Had the special opportunity to cook some @barillaus pasta with @harto and share my passion for conservation. 🌎 We talked about my roots with the Inuit, taking photos with numb fingers, and using social media to bring science to the masses. Click the link in my bio to watch the full episode. What passion would you talk if you were making pasta with @harto #WhileTheWaterBoils ?
Ancient rocks, fresh powder and a healthy male polar bear traveling overland between fiords tells a story that I will never tire of witnessing. It has been an exceptional trip to film polar bears 650 miles from the North Pole and, fortunately, it is not over. For @sea_legacy with @cristinamittermeier and @samkretch #nature #naturelovers #thejourney #climatechangeisreal
Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay and you're going to see a lot of well-meaning posts in your feed about losing species. I want to deliver a message of hope, and of urgency. The humpback was once endangered. It was so close to extinction that many said "let it go." But those who believe in the power of hope and action and policy wouldn't let up. The conservation community stood up for the humpback. Activists stood up for the humpback. Governments made changes. Politicians listened to their constituents. In summary, people didn't give up. They fought. Today the humpback is on the rebound and in healthy numbers. This is where hope gets us. This is where action gets us. Don't give up. Forward, friends. We can do it. We must do it now. #EndangeredSpecies
Based on my years as a biologist, I estimated this bear in Svalbard, Norway to be over 800 pounds. Did you know that a polar bear's stomach can hold an estimated 20% of its body weight? In this case, that would have been 160 pounds of seal meat and blubber. A polar bear generally eats this much only when its energy demands are high. A bear can assimilate 84% of the protein and 97% of the fat it eats. We are back in Svalbard with @sea_legacy looking for polar bears, walrus and healthy sea ice. • • • • #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #polarbear
I realize that this does not crop well and it is an imperfect photograph but I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I slowly swam up to these male narwhals who were caught up in some sort of mutual admiration display. They were distracted and never picked me up with their echolocation. As I swam in closer, the distant whale started rubbing my head with his tusk. #gratitude . With @Jedweingarten
I am very excited that this will be an upcoming piece in the @paulnicklengallery. #fineart #emperor #penguin #fineartphotography
Polar bear love lingers in the cold Arctic air of Svalbard, Norway. Females walk among the glaciers and across this great seascape in search of seals resting on the ice. Male bears like this very impressive and healthy individual follow in close pursuit looking to pass along their genetics. With his head down, he carefully sniffs her tracks, stopping on occasion to taste the air and assess the freshness of her scent. It is always humbling and powerful to be in the company of these great bears. I have been photographing polar bears for over two decades but nothing has been as satisfying as being able to capture their every detail, movement and gesture in slow motion. For @sea_legacy with my good friends @fredgranath , @melissa_schaefer and eagle eye @jens_wikstrom_photography #gratitude #arctic #climatechange #nature #naturelovers @reddigitalcinema #shotonred
Iceland boasts the cleanest and healthiest salmon rivers in the world. Here a fisherman changes his fly on the Hvita River. Although Iceland does not have the largest trophy fish, they do have extremely healthy returns. Many scientists attribute this to the lack of fish farms in key area's where wild adult and smolt salmon leave and return to the rivers.
Can you believe I've never been to the North Pole? Would you like to join me on my first voyage there?July 20th - August 2nd, 2017, there is an opportunity to join @cristinamittermeier and I on the North Pole Summit with @quarkexpeditions. Not only will you witness walruses, seals, whales and polar bears, but experience it with some of the world’s leading experts in the areas of conservation, culture, and science. $5,000 of every $28,000 booking we gain will fund our non profit @sea_legacy. Join me for the adventure of a lifetime? Contact Quark Expeditions and mention SeaLegacy.
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