We are an NGO that manages National Parks across Africa to save wildlife.

Sepo has made an excellent first-time mother, this tender moment captures her playfully bonding with one of her cubs at Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia. #AfricanParks #conservation #wildlife #bigcats #lion #cub #nature #liuwa #Zambia
Watch this short clip of one of the four newly reintroduced cheetahs explore its specially-built boma (which serves as a temporary holding facility where they can be easily monitored). Once these big cats have acclimated in their new home over the next few weeks, they will be released into the greater and secured Liwonde National Park. This is an exciting new chapter for big cat and predator conservation undertaken with @endangeredwildlifetrust and the DNPW that will help in restoring population dynamics to the park, as well as be an added draw for tourism which helps with the local economy too. Want to visit this gorgeous park? Check out Mvuu Lodge and Central African Safaris #cheetah #malawi #conservation #wildlife #africa #vulnerablespecies #bigcats #africanparks #Liwonde @endangeredwildlifetrust
After a 20-year absence, cheetahs have finally returned to Malawi! On 17 May and in collaboration with the the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the Malawian Government (DNPW) African Parks reintroduced cheetahs to Liwonde National Park, where they were last documented close to a century ago. This is a profound milestone for ongoing restoration of this valuable protected area, and an exciting moment for big cat conservation. #bigcats #cheetah #conservation #malawi #Liwonde #africanparks #Wildlife
Our "2016 Annual Report: Impact Defined" is out. Download the report and read the stories from the ten parks under management on our key accomplishments and vision for the future of Africa’s wildlife and protected areas. Did you know we have the largest ranger force across the continent? Or that we began the largest elephant translocation in history? Or that over 9,500 people received medical treatment from our mobile clinics? Click the link in our bio to learn more. Photo: @brentstirton #Conservation #AfricanParks #GoodNews #Wildlife #Rangers
Good news! @mongabay shared 10 good news stories from conservation, and our Rwanda rhino translocation made the list. They quote our CEO, Peter Fearnhead: “The rhino’s return to this country … is a testament to Rwanda’s extraordinary commitment to conservation and is another milestone in the restoration of @akagerapark ’s natural diversity.” #Rwandarhino #conservation #africa #wildlife #savetherhino #endangeredspecies #AfricanParks #goodnews
We are pleased to share that our rhino translocation is now complete! For the first time in 10 years, rhinos call Rwanda home. But their journey of 4,000-km is just the beginning. Read how these endangered animals were transported, successfully released into @akagerapark , and what we're doing to protect them. Photo: @gael_rvw #RwandaRhinos #AfricanParks #Rhinos #conservation #savetherhino #Africa #preciouscargo #akagera #wildlife
Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay which shines a spotlight on the incredible wildlife that is sadly threatened around the globe. The list of endangered species has doubled in the last two decades, including the iconic African Elephant, pictured here in Majete Wildlife Reserve. What are you doing to honour #EndangeredSpecies today? Consider signing up for our email list through our link in our bio. Photo: @lifethroughalensphotography #endangeredspecies #conservation #wildlife #extinction #animals #elephant #africanparks #conservation #worthmorealive #savetogether
How do you move a rhino, let alone 18?! Watch this short clip of the rhinos making their 4,000 km from South Africa to their new home in Akagera National Park in Rwanda – from arriving at the Kigali airport by cargo plane, to driving to the park and being released a day or two later. We can report that all of the rhinos are doing well in their new home. Continue to follow their journey by signing up through the link in our bio. #RwandaRhinos #AfricanParks #Rhinos #conservation #savetherhino #Africa #preciouscargo #akagera #wildlife
Watch this historic moment of one of the 18 translocated rhinos walking out of his boma and into his new home in Akagera National Park in Rwanda. Akagera is now home to the Eastern black rhino after a small population was translocated there last week from South Africa, ten- years after the last individual was seen in Rwanda. Learn more about this extraordinary homecoming through the link in our bio #RwandaRhinos #AfricanParks #Rhinos #conservation #savetherhino #Africa
Meet the youngest of the rhinos that was translocated to Rwanda from South Africa. This 18-month old calf made the journey with his mum and as soon as he was released into their boma (where they could be monitored for 24 hours before being released into the wider park) he began munching on his feed. This little one carries with him the hope of a species - join with us in celebrating the rhinos return to Rwanda! Click the link in our bio to learn more. #preciouscargo #rhinomove #rwandarhino #goodnews #hope #rhino #AfricanParks #Akagera #savetherhinos #wildlife #africa
As we were driving the second lot of rhinos to @akagerapark in Rwanda last week, school children came out and lined the streets, to sing and welcome their rhinos back to their country. It was a warm and celebrated homecoming, and the little boy at the end saluting says it all. All of the rhinos have since been released and are doing well. It was an epic journey that saw the return of an endangered and iconic species back to an entire country. Only up to 1,000 Eastern black rhinos remain in the wild, but last week they got a whole new range state in the country of Rwanda. @aheydlauff / AfricanParks #preciouscargo #rhinomove #rwandarhino #goodnews #hope #rhino #AfricanParks #Akagera
Happy Mother's Day from African Parks! Photo: @life.on.the.african.plains at Liuwa Plain National Park #Africa #conservation #wildlife #bigcats #mothersday #cub #lion #africanparks #liuwa
We’re delighted to bring you the news that the last of the translocated rhinos have been released from their bomas in Akagera National Park! Having journeyed over 4,000 kilometres from South Africa in their historic return to Rwanda, all rhinos are in superb condition and secure in the wider park. With rigorous protective measures in place, this extraordinary homecoming carries the promise of a future for this highly endangered species, conserving them in a healthy environment and valued ‘big five’ park for generations to come. @akagerapark #AfricanParks #Akagera #Rwanda #RwandaRhinos #rhinos #savetherhino #conservation #Africa
Anti-poaching efforts are the top priority in @FriendsofAkageraNationalPark , where our rangers have been preparing for years to secure the protection of rhinos, and the overall park. In the many months leading up to this historic reintroduction, Akagera’s rangers travelled to countries across Africa to gain experience and certification in rhino-specific training, tracking and management. This team is working with a dedicated canine anti-poaching unit, supported by a helicopter deployed along with other specific security measures to ensure the ongoing protection and conservation of Rwanda’s Rhinos. Visit, link in bio, for more information. #RwandaRhinos . #AfricanParks #Akagera #Rwanda #rhinos #conservation #savetherhinos #Africa
Today we bring you the exciting news that the second group of rhinos have safely arrived in Akagera National Park, their new home in Rwanda. They are being closely monitored in their bomas, and all are doing well and looking comfortable! See our microsite at (link in bio) for more information on #RwandaRhinos ! #africanparks #Akagera #rhinos #savetherhino #conservation #africanparks Photo courtesy of Akagera National Park
Please join with us in celebrating the rhinos return to Rwanda. This particular rhino was hand-delivered to Rwandan President Paul Kagame by African Parks to thank him for restoring this endangered species and securing a future for them in Akagera National Park. May 2nd 2017 will be marked as a day of homecoming, and a day of hope. Visit the link in our bio to follow this extraordinary journey. Photo © WarrenSmart / AfricanParks #rwandarhino #rhinomove #Akagera #Rwanda #hope #rhinos #conservation #Africa
We were thrilled today to meet with President @PaulKagame to thank him and to commemorate May 2nd, 2017, the day rhinos returned to Rwanda for the first time in 10 years. While black rhinos are severely threatened across their range due to the illegal trade in rhino horn, an historic event is occurring in Rwanda. In collaboration with the Rwanda Development Board and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, African Parks is translocating up to 20 Eastern black rhinos from South Africa to Rwanda. The first 10 have successfully been moved and released into Akagera. Andrea Heydlauff (CMO, African Parks) and Jes Gruner (Park Manager for @akagerapark which has been managed by African Parks with RDB since 2010) visited with President Paul Kagame to discuss what this means for rhinos, Rwanda, and conservation, and the message of hope this carries for the species around the world. Visit the link in our bio to follow the rhinos homecoming to Rwanda. Photo @warrenjamessmart / AfricanParks #rwandarhino #rhinomove #Akagera #Rwanda #HowardG .BuffettFoundation #hope #rhinos #conservation #Africa #AfricanParks
“Rhinos are one of the great symbols of Africa yet they are severely threatened and are on the decline in many places across the continent due to the extremely lucrative and illegal rhino horn trade,” “The rhino’s return to this country however is a testament to Rwanda’s extraordinary commitment to conservation and is another milestone in the restoration of Akagera’s natural diversity.” - African Parks CEO, Peter Fearnhead #AfricanParks #Akagera #RwandaRhinos #rhinomove #rhinos #conservation #Africa
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