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Wildlife care and rehabilitation centre specialising in injured, orphaned & sick rhino. For information on helping us to save orphan rhinos visit:

Once a K9 Anti-Poaching dog and their handler finishes an intensive training course, it doesn't mean training is over. Like everything in life, to be at the top of your game, it means you have to work for it. Everyday our K9 handlers train their dogs in a variety of real life situations, from tracking, to weapon detection and bite work. ***Please note, our handlers faces have been blurred to protect their identity.*** #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #wildlife #orphanrhino #southafrica
@RhinoRide2017 has raised nearly $60,000! πŸ‘πŸΌ What an incredible effort by Matt who has now arrived in San Francisco! These funds will be split between @CareForWild , @olpejeta and @SaveTheRhinoNamibia This little video is of Matt with Lunar the rhino. If you've been following Care for Wild for quite some time you'll also realise that Lunar is named after one of our rhinos. 😊 #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #wildlife #rhinoride
Update On Spirit! πŸ’š Since being diagnosed with acute pneumonia, little Spirit is now back to her old self and is once again running around with Grey, Jemu and Zac. As advised by our attending veterinarian, Dr. Albertus Coetzee from West Acres Animal Hospital, we are still using the nebuliser so Spirit can continue to receive medication. Once again thank you to Mediclinic Nelspruit for loaning us one of your nebulisers! #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #wildlife #orphanrhino #southafrica
Keep up the great support of Matt from @rhinoride2017 πŸ‘πŸΌ Day 32 and it's Rhinos and children first!! Today we had the pleasure of talking to MULTIPLE Elementary Schools, fielding questions from inquiring young minds and now Rhino Conservation Activists! Just like you could be right now! Click. Share. Donate. Save the rhinos! Please click the link in our bio for more info #rhinoride2017 #icaniwill
#ThrowBack to when Wyntir, Tana and Mabush were not even a year old! πŸ’š In the early morning they could often hear you before they would see you (thanks to their incredible hearing). Which meant they would start calling for their morning milk for about 30 seconds before you even got to their boma (enclosure). Here's what they sounded like! Some people say baby rhinos sound like helium balloons being set off, what do you think they sound like? Don't worry, within a few seconds they all had a big bottle of milk at their hungry mouths and were more than content afterwards with a quick nap before a big day of exploring in the African bush. #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #orphanrhino #wildlife #rehabiliation #orphanrhino #southafrica
#ThankYou to Blankets for Baby Rhinos! Nita today came by the @CareForWild Rhino Sanctuary to drop off a whole bunch of beautifully knitted blankets for our orphan rhinos. To each and every person who so graciously gave up their time to help keep our little rhinos warm, thank you! We can't wait to post some photos of the baby rhinos all wrapped in your warm blankets. #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #wildlife #blanketsforbabyrhinos
Please spare a thought and a prayer for little Spirit πŸ’š Spirit arrived at @CareForWild in late November 2016. Every young orphan that survives their mother being poached and is brought into a rehabilitation centre is on some level immunocompromised. CFW staff had been monitoring Spirit closely, as she has had a weak immune system since she came to the centre, but with the recent cold snap she wasn't quite strong enough to fight off an infection and now has an acute case of pneumonia. Spirit is currently under the 24 hour care of staff with guidance from veterinarian Dr. Albertus Coetzee and other veterinarians from around South Africa - to them we say thank you! She's doing very well so far and has even gotten used to the nebuliser which we hold over one of her nostrils. These machines are able to deliver medication in the form of a fine mist directly into the lungs. Her rhino family Jemu, Zac and Grey refuse to leave her side and have no doubt helped her with their companionship. Thank you to Mediclinic for allowing us to use one your nebulisers. If you are able to donate a nebuliser to @CareForWild please send us a private message or email us at #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #wildlife #southafrica #rehabiliation #orphanrhino
Jackson and his handler, training with the @CareForWild K9 Anti-Poaching Unit. The three K9 attack dogs at CFW are all Belgian Malinois. Could you spot Jackson and his handler hiding in the grass? #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #attackdog #canine #antipoaching
Introducing the newest member to our K9 Anti-Poaching Unit! Jackson and his handler have finished their course at the Paramount Specialised K9 Solutions training facility in South Africa. This intense training course included tracking, detection, self defence, arresting techniques and learning how to quickly exit from fast response helicopters, using chopper repelling skills. You read that correctly – Jackson and his handler can repel from a helicopter! It’s this fast deployment of feet and paws on the ground, directly into a crime scene which will allow for quicker more effective tracking and lead to greater capture, arrest and prosecution rates. The addition of Jackson and his handler to the Care for Wild team was made entirely possible by Paul Naden and his wife Lisa from Project Red. To learn more about Project Red and how you can get involved, visit this website: #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #projectred #paramountk9 #southafrica
After a big day of exploring, Khanya often enjoys laying outside to catch the last bit of sunshine. 🌞 #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #orphanrhino #rehabiliation #southafrica
#FridayFiesta πŸŽ‰ Who is looking forward to the weekend? Our rhinos get excited over mud baths and exploring over 2,500 hectares in their Intensive Protection Zone! With this current poachers moon (full moon), every single rhino at @CareForWild can continue to run, play and wallow like they always do. Thank you to our incredible CFW anti-poaching unit who keeps watch over all our rhinos 24/7! #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #wildlife #southafrica
Thank you to each and every incredible person who recently donated to help buy much needed supplies for Khanya. πŸ’š Here she is with a container of Protexin, one of the many items we go through on a regular basis. If you're interested in helping, please visit the donate section in our website >>> click on the link in our bio! #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #orphanrhino #wildlife #rehabiliation
Who would sit here and happily watch Khanya just munch on grass? 😍 #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary
Raising orphan rhinos isn't the most easy or glamorous of jobs!πŸ‘πŸΌ In this quick video update, Petronel, the founder of @CareForWild ,has just spent the night caring for new orphan rhino Khanya. It's also the full moon period meaning everyone at @CareForWild is on high alert. #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #wildlife #rehabiliation #southafrica
Thank you @ER24EMS πŸ‘πŸΌ The @CareForWild Rhino Sanctuary has over the last few years received a tremendous amount of support from Mr. Andrew Boden, CEO of ER24, and his team based in Nelspruit. Through their sponsorship and 24 hour support, we have been able to receive life saving equipment to help the orphan rhinos in our care. Last week, when Khanya arrived from Kruger National Park, ER24 were on hand to provide much needed extra drips and bandage materials. #thankful #sponsor #careforwildrhinosanctuary #careforwild #rhino #rhinorescue #wildlife
It was Khanya's first weigh in today! Measuring orphan rhinos growth and weight gain (or loss) is an incredibly important part of the research being conducted at @CareForWild Today, Khanya weighed in at 206 kgs (454 lbs) which is a healthy weight for her age and height. Day by day, she is gaining more confidence and strength, thanks to Petronel and CFW staff members who have been monitoring little Khanya for 24 hours every day since she has arrived. #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #orphanrhino #wildlife #southafrica #SANParks
Sometimes, to explore a new area a little bit of encouragement is needed. For Khanya, that encouragement came in the calming and protective voice of CFW staff member Michaela, as well a great big bottle of milk! 🍼 #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #rehabiliation #wildlife #southafrica
Introducing Khanya: Khanya is Zulu for 'light' and it's the perfect name for this sweet little girl. Compared to a few days ago, she has now mastered the art of drinking from a bottle. Khanya is so good at it that her caretakers have to make sure she isn't over eager and suckles the teat straight off! Her strong desire to eat and drink is a great sign that she is progressing well through the first few days of rehabilitation at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. If you're interested in helping to look after Khanya, visit the donate link on our website. #careforwild #careforwildrhinosanctuary #rhino #orphanrhino #southafrica
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