Enric Sala

National Geographic Explorer in Residence

Where is this jungle? Hint: it's between Cape Horn and Panama
One of the most beautiful bookshops in the world: Ateneo in Buenos Aires. An old theater turned bookshop. Isn't this cool? #lovebuenosaires
More street art in Santiago de Chile. God hasn't changed, but what happened to man?
Colorful street art in #Santiago #Chile . Santiago has great little corners, villages within the city. Loving the Lastarria neighborhood!
You know that Robinson Crusoe Island is a paradise when the welcoming committee on the little dock below the little airport is dozens of cute Juan Fernández sea lions! @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #chile #expedition
Baby Juan Fernández sea lions are very curious and playful. They came to us as we were filming adult sea lions. Once they realized we were no threat, they couldn't have enough of us - and we couldn't either! Wonderful and magical moments during our @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition
I can't get enough sunrises at Juan Fernández! The whole team of the @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation @planb_yacht is on deck every morning to bask in the divine light
Juan Fernandez sea lions greeted us enthusiastically as we jumped in the water off Robinson Crusoe Island, #Chile . There are few marine paradises like this. @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition
Back at Robinson Crusoe Island, after a great week at Alejandro Selkirk. Happy to be back at this piece of paradise where we have wonderful memories of swimming with sea lions. @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition to Juan Fernández, #Chile
"El Capitán" de Alejandro Selkirk y su nieto Iván, tres generaciones de pesca de langosta responsable y sostenible. Un ejemplo para el resto del mundo. Three generations of responsible and sustainable lobster fishing at Alejandro Selkirk Island, Chile. An example for the world. @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition to Juan Fernández, #Chile
Remembering the awesome dives in the magical kelp forests of mighty Cape Horn, #Chile , just a month ago. #blessed @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition
Yellowtail jacks are very abundant at Alejandro Selkirk Island, #Chile . This shows how wild and well managed the waters around this island are. We'll spend a week diving, conducting research and filming here during our 2017 @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition on @planb_yacht
The dramatic Alejandro Selkirk Island, #Chile . About 60 people live in this remote island, where we are conducting the first comprehensive underwater surveys and filming for our @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition
The spectacular Robinson Crusoe Island, #Chile @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation 2017 expedition to Juan Fernandez
Arrival to Robinson Crusoe Island, a remote settlement of Chile, with Chile's Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz and @la_leovarela , to start our new @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation expedition on @planb_yacht #Chile
Our @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation #expedition to Cape Horn, #Chile , revealed many surprises. The most special was the discovery of this giant aggregation of the fake king crab. There were many thousands, from the giant kelp forest canopy to the bottom. There were so many we could actually not see the bottom! This region is rich and productive and requires serious protection
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