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Arriving back in Lagos -- one week in Nigeria- the most populous city in Africa. An estimated 21 million in the metro area. I ended up with a window seat and I couldn't help myself. #basicairplanepic#nigeria #travelphotography #iphonephotography #iphone7 #iphoneonly #international #gethigh #uphigh #airplane #airplane_pics #africa #missiontrip #onassignment #windowseats #urban #streetscape #nofilter
Behind the scenes. #onassignment #notacareerchange
I either post 3 pics in a row or nothing at all #hihihaha
In honor of photographing my LAST graduation tonight, here is a man selling grad bouquets. Can someone throw me a graduating from graduations party? #onassignment #oklahoma #tulsa #photojournalism
The massive Mud Creek Slide is among the biggest ever on the Big Sur Coast, closing down Hwy. 1 into possibly next year. #onassignment #mudcreek #bigsur #mothernature
Day old henna. The hands of a local NGO worker at the Samabogo commune. An outtake of my project for Water Aid Mali, I'll be uploading more over next while as I sort through the photos and footage I shot. #westafrica #henna #wateraid #mali #freelance #onassignment #freelance #film #ektar #analogphotography
Bless you, French pharmacies. #sorethroatinprovence #drugsthatwork
Singer and piano showman @FrankieMoreno wows the crowd at The Showroom at the #GoldenNugget in downtown #LasVegas on Saturday, May 20, 2017. #RJphoto / @benjaminhphoto
Pro tip: if your photo subject's wife insists on taking you out for post-shoot breakfast tacos at "the best stand in Monterrey", just GO. These don't look like much but a mi dios! #tacos #travel #onassignment
“The rebel soldiers took me from my village when I was 12 years old. I was given as a wife to Joseph Kony, [leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army]. I was soon pregnant with a boy. The baby… it disturbed me. And I figured, it didn’t stand a chance out there in the middle of the fighting. I also worried: what if he inherited his father’s mind? So one day, I walked into a millet field. The baby was asleep, and I laid him on the ground. And I walked away. I spent several hours thinking about it. And I finally returned. The boy was still asleep. I picked him up and took him back. We spent 7 more years out there, until we finally managed to escape. I hear my neighbors talking as I walk by. They say 'Look at her eyes. She’s crazy from all the time she spent out there in the wild.' My son is a wonderful boy. He loves me; I love him. He’s the only person who helps me. Sometimes I look at him, and I remember that time when I almost left him in the millet field. And I think to myself: 'I would have made a mistake.' " The Ugandan government and the US army recently announced they are calling off the hunt for LRA leader Joseph Kony. Today, many child soldiers and former LRA wives -- and their children-- have returned, and are still figuring out how to live their lives back in society. @womenslives will be sharing some of their stories in the next few days. Photo: @edward_echwalu #acrosswomenslives #uganda #LRA #girls #Onassignment
Mini marzipan manzana. Delightful.
Our team is #onassignment in Quindío, Colombia this week, visiting some of the regional entrepreneurs we’re proud to work with. Follow along for a behind-the-scenes look at how we turn ideas into action for stronger communities (📷: @MaxOrenstein ). . . #ClintonFoundation #BillClinton #ChelseaClinton #Entrepreneurs #Colombia
Interesting presentation, delicious tastes.
Director Ezra Edelman had no desire to rehash the OJ Simpson story. He told us why he made an 8-hour film about it anyway. Listen to the latest episode of #OnAssignment to hear about how he made the documentary, Producer Tamara Rosenberg's herculean job of getting high-profile guests like Marcia Cross to speak on camera, and how they ended up creating a film about the history of race in America. Link in bio.
#Repost @jlcvisuals (@get_repost ) ・・・ #notiphone The best looking parents on TV, @mandymooremm and @miloanthonyventimiglia from NBC's This Is Us, photographed for #LATimes Envelope, with words by @villarrealy ! #portrait #hollywood #onassignment
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