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We’re a conservation organization working to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends — and taking great photographs in Africa!

#WhatsYourNature photo contest: "Bent" by @yswildlifephotography. "Watching this herd of giraffes in Maasai Mara, Kenya, showed me how graceful and gentle these creatures are. This individual kept itching her back, but whenever she reached it, she closed her eyes, like a great ballerina. After more than an hour of waiting, I finally caught one with her eyes open, and (hopefully!) captured her beauty with this image." Asante sana for sharing this lovely photo and story, Yaron. Feeling inspired? We'd love to see your nature photos! Enter our contest and share your nature with the world. Link in bio. #graceful #giraffe #kenya #magicalkenya #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #naturephotography #photocontest
Photo by @amivitale. Amazing news: The security team at Oldonyiro Conservancy now has two new vehicles to help combat poaching and ensure peace. Oldonyiro is known by locals as an “elephant superhighway” and it’s also important habitat for the endangered Grevy’s zebra and other wildlife. A new car is exciting for anyone, but for the members of this conservancy it was cause for a big celebration. Narupa women donned colorful kanga and head-to-toe beads to sing, children from the Kipsing Secondary School performed dances, and many conservancy board members and other guests gave heartfelt speeches about the importance of conservation. At the end of the ceremony, the uniformed rangers stood at attention as two new, ribbon-adorned land cruisers — provided by @nrt_kenya with funding from @nature_africa — approached the group. The men hopped into the back, ready to test drive these new vehicles that have the power to change the future for all those in the conservancy. Great to see the new community conservancies around @loisaba_conservancy beginning to flourish. Head on over to the blog for more: #saveelephants #wildlife #peace #security #kenya #magicalkenya #africa #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation
Beautiful photo and message: "This is where hope gets us." #Regram from @paulnicklen : "Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay and you're going to see a lot of well-meaning posts in your feed about losing species. I want to deliver a message of hope, and of urgency. The humpback was once endangered. It was so close to extinction that many said 'let it go.' But those who believe in the power of hope and action and policy wouldn't let up. The conservation community stood up for the humpback. Activists stood up for the humpback. Governments made changes. Politicians listened to their constituents. In summary, people didn't give up. They fought. Today the humpback is on the rebound and in healthy numbers. This is where hope gets us. This is where action gets us. Don't give up. Forward, friends. We can do it. We must do it now. #EndangeredSpecies "
#WhatsYourNature photo contest: "The Zebra and the Oxpecker" by @yswildlifephotography. "Driving by herds of zebras, I noticed the oxpeckers would settle on their backs, but would fly away when they heard my car. I asked my driver to turn off the engine, and we waited. Within a few minutes, the oxpeckers returned and landed on the zebras' backs. I looked for a nice way to 'frame' the bird, and found this: between two zebras. I love how the beak pops between the lines. I like to photograph common things like this oxpecker or a zebra, and make them stand out in an unusual way." Feeling inspired? Enter our contest and share your nature with the world. Link in bio. #photocontest #beautiful #zebra #oxpecker #wildlife #wildplaces #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #naturephotography
Photo by Scott Davis. Asante sana to all of the strong and beautiful mothers out there that are ensuring nature’s future. Here, a mother cheetah and her five cubs scan the horizon as a distant lion approaches at Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. #happymothersday #iloveyoumom #cheetah #wildlife #kenya #magicalkenya #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation
Photo by @mwarv. Calling all photographers and nature lovers! The planet that we depend on, depends on us. Stand up for nature—and inspire others—by entering our ‘What’s Your Nature?’ photo contest today. Link in bio. #whatsyournature #photocontest #beautiful #kenya #magicalkenya #africa #protectpreserve #livenature #connectwithnature
Adorable post from our friends at @gri_elephant_orphanage_project in Zambia 🐘💛: "Sunny greetings from little Kasewe and the rest of the team at #lilayielephantnursery and #elephantorphanageproject . Have a great weekend everyone! #saveelephants #gamerangersinternational #springfeeling "
We can’t get enough of this great photo from @elewanacollection of @loisaba_conservancy safari guide Sam Brown in Cape Town on his very first trip out of Kenya! Earning a nomination for the Rise Africa Innovation award from @weareafricatravel brought him here. And it’s been a pleasure exploring all that this beautiful city has to offer with our dear friend — meeting an African penguin, stepping into the ocean for the first time and hiking some incredible South African mountains are just a few of the highlights. #explorecapetown #capetown #southafrica #samburupride #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation #innovation
The Samburu have a saying that your fortunes double in life when you witness the birth of a baby elephant and that you too are a godparent to the newborn. A few of our teammates witnessed exactly this over the weekend at @loisaba_conservancy in northern Kenya as dozens of elephants trumpeted in celebration. Such a beautiful sight and sound. p.s. How gorgeous is this green landscape after seven inches of rain last week?! 💚🐘 #SaveElephants #babyelephant #celebration #kenya #magicalkenya #africa #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation
Photo by @p.j.doran. @nature_mi ’s Patrick Doran spotted this striking malachite kingfisher while exploring Mabamba Swamp on Lake Victoria. Patrick and colleagues are visiting Entebbe, Uganda for the African Great Lakes Conference on conservation and development in a changing climate. We spoke with him earlier today and he said that the conference is going very well and that it’s "always great to see old friends and make new ones." Keep the beautiful photos coming and safe travels, Dr. Doran! #malachitekingfisher #birding #mabambaswamp #lakevictoria #uganda #aglc2017 #africangreatlakes #waterislife #sciencenotsilence #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation #oneconservancy
Photo by Sergey Uryadnikov. All African Great Lakes cross borders and link diverse nations. Each provides water, food, livelihoods, business resources and other vital benefits to millions of people, and they hold hundreds of fish species found nowhere else on Earth. However, the lakes are facing threats from unsustainable fishing, invasive species, habitat degradation, pollution, and sedimentation. Not to mention, increasing variability and change in climate. That’s why we’re coming together with the best and brightest in freshwater science, policy, and more to help shape a better future. And it all starts today at the African Great Lakes Conference in Entebbe, Uganda. Follow along: #AGLC2017 #murchisonfalls #uganda #africa #africangreatlakes #waterislife #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation
Photo by @amivitale. Whether we're assessing fish stocks in Lake Tanganyika, conducting prescribed burns in Zambia, or identifying giraffes by their unique neck patterns in Kenya, science is at the heart of everything we do. Click the link in our bio to go behind-the-scenes with the people who get their boots dirty every day to make our conservation work a reality. p.s. Hope this sweet baby giraffe brightens your day! #scienceinaction #giraffe #babyanimals #wildlife #loisaba #kenya #magicalkenya #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation
Photo by @nickhallphoto. What is the future of science? It's solving the greatest threats we face as a planet — it's saving threatened species, it's securing clean water for all, it's slowing the threat of climate change, it's all this and so much more. Science holds the key to solving our biggest challenges. And it matters now more than ever. #futureofscience #sciencenotsilence #maasai #sundown #tanzania #africa #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation
Photo by @amivitale. Lake Tanganyika is Africa’s oldest and deepest lake. It’s one of the richest freshwater ecosystems in the world with over 2,000 species – 500 of which aren’t found anywhere else on Earth. Threats are huge and population is growing rapidly, but our Tuungane Project is helping create healthier families, fisheries, and forests. And you can, too: #laketanganyika #tanzania #africa #africangreatlakes #aglc2017 #waterislife #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #conservation
This sounds pretty tasty to us … Happy Hump Day, everyone! #Regram from @loisaba_conservancy : "A Camel 🐫 close-up! The #Loisaba Tented Camp now have a "Camelccino" on their menu – a delicious cappuccino but with Loisaba's fresh camel milk! Photo: @downtoearthfilms #loisaba #laikipia #kenya #whyilovekenya #magicalkenya #elewana "
Photo by @amivitale. Fantastic piece in @forbes today from close partner and friend @nrt_kenya ’s Mike Harrison: "I remember talking to Jeremy Bastard, the manager of a successful safari lodge in the remote Mathews mountains in northern Kenya. 'Ten years go, no one cared about the elephants being injured, or killed for their tusks,' he said. 'The elephants were considered a nuisance. Herders spend many long, hot hours digging wells to water their cattle, and the elephants would come at night and destroy the wells in search of the same water. Now, they always leave some in the trough for the elephants to share. Now, because of community conservation, they see value in those elephants, their elephants.' To me, this epitomizes the reason why curbing elephant poaching in north Kenya has not only been a conservation success, but a social and economic success too. The proportion of illegally killed elephants in north Kenya's community lands has dropped 52% since 2012." Click the link in our bio for more. #saveelephants #elephant #handsoffourelephants #worthmorealive #stoppoaching #wildlife #kenya #africa #changetheworld #protectpreserve #livenature #nature #community #conservation
Heartbreaking. We send our deepest condolences to @africanparksnetwork , @garamba_national_park , and the families of these two rangers who fought to protect the wildlife and wild lands we all love. #Regram from @garamba_national_park : "Last week two of Garamba's anti-poaching team were tragically killed in an armed contact, after their patrol discovered poachers cutting out the ivory of a recently killed elephant. While we celebrate #earthday this weekend, our thoughts go out to these men and their families, who paid the ultimate price for protecting a piece of this planet that we all call home. Here is to all the men and women out in the field tonight - some in rain, some in snow, some in heat - fighting to protect the wild areas that remain on this planet. Every environmentally conscious action helps, no matter how big or small – and its in each and every one of our hands to make sure those actions happen. #earthday #africanparks #conservation #notonourwatch #weneednature "
Let’s make every day Earth Day. United by nature. Guided by science. #Regram from @ggkenya : "Today is 22 April World EARTH DAY 🌍: Hanging out of an open-door chopper I shot this aerial of flamingoes flying low over Lake Logipi, a shallow hot-spring fed soda lake in the Suguta Valley just south of Lake Turkana in the northern end of Kenya's Rift Valley. I get to go travel to some pretty amazing places in Africa and through my work I get to see and share with you what is really going on. Global warming is affecting the flamingoes mating season. Flamingos depend on the rainfall to help them mate, without adequate rain they won’t engage in it. With global warming reducing the chances of rain in many areas often causing drought there will be a significant reduction of baby flamingoes in the years ahead. Global warming also dries out the lagoons, lakes, and swampy areas where flamingos live, not only affecting their drinking water but changing the water salinity and causing the growth of a type of cyano-bacteria that is lethal to flamingoes at high dosages. In July - August 2004 at Lakes Manyara, Big Momela and Embagai flamingoes were dying at a rate of 15-50 a day because of this. We can actively mitigate the effects of climate change on our precious wildlife and protect our wild spaces by supporting organisations like @nature_africa who understand and work hard to protect them. Today on Earth Day I'd like to announce an open call to showcase Africa’s natural beauty — and inspire others — by entering @nature_org ’s What’s Your Nature? Photo Contest. I plan to! You can enter by going to this link: #climatechange #globalwarming #Earthday #earthday2017 #aerial #everydayclimatechange #EarthFocus #mycanon #canonphotos #openmyworld #stayandwander #goplayoutside #vscocam #liveauthentic #nature_lover #flashesofdelight #livethelittlethings #igkenya #vscokenya #visualsoflife #ourplanetdaily #wildlifeplanet #keepitwild #finditliveit "
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