Photo by @gerdludwig. A victim of geography and hard-ball politics, the Salton Sea is California’s largest, most troubled lake. It lies 227 feet below sea level with no outlets and very thirsty neighbors, including a billion dollar farm economy in the bone-dry Imperial Valley, 124 golf courses, and salt laden wetlands hosting a menagerie of wildlife in growing crisis. With low levels of rainfall and only few inlets, the Salton Sea depends on the Imperial Valley’s agricultural run-offs for its survival.
Since my first visit in 1999, I returned several times - for personal explorations, to teach photo workshops, for a National Geographic magazine assignment in 2006, and to continue my project ever since. The opening photograph of the NG story showed an assemble of sunken palm tress. Over the years, I have documented the changes of this small remote area. The four photographs in this short gallery show the very same spot today, seven years ago, ending with my initial photograph 14 years ago. You can see additional images of the same location on my IG @gerdludwig. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety

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    I love this photography. And love so much my favorite channel net Geo thank you for posting pic natural - 2 days ago
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    It is man made so why is it an important eco system? - 3 days ago
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    wou nice pic. - 3 days ago
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    Imaginary-The birds from the nest ar asking the clouds to come at their home - 3 days ago
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    gorgeous view - 4 days ago
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    This use to be the resort of the rich a famous in the 40 an 50 it caught fire with the bungalow, an the lake started drying up ...turning it to a wasteland. . - 4 days ago
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