Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // for @NatGeoPristineSeas and @NatGeo. After several failed attempts, 23 years of effort, and a lifetime of obsession with the Arctic, @NatGeoExplorer , Admiral Robert Peary led what was believed to be the first successful expedition to the North Pole in April 1909. 106 years later, @enricsala , @PaulNicklen and I had the opportunity of traveling with Peary’s great grandson, Aleqatsiaq Peary, a rock band musician, artist and most importantly, a traditional Inuit hunter. We spent 10 days on the sea ice off the coast of Qaanaaq in northwestern Greenland learning about the traditions, challenges and thrills of this remote hunting community for a National Geographic film on the Last Ice. ‪To see from this Expedition, @cristinamittermeier *
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