📍Angeles National Forest


📸: By a 6 year old.
Sunset in LA
Ranger Station Regroup
Хугин и Мунин над миром все время летают без устали; мне за Хугина страшно, страшней за Мунина, — вернутся ли вороны! #huginnandmuninn
You need a Big God... Big enough to hold your love.
Fun playing in the snow today.😎
I wore a cap like this almost every day from third grade through fifth grade. I also carried a tiny thesaurus around in the back pocket of my corduroys. It made the rectangular impression through the pocket like a wallet would and I loved that so much. 🖤 It rained all day yesterday and it was glorious. I needed water. 🖤 My lungs still have scar tissue from pleurisy bouts over the years and walking up the incline after spending time with the trees reminded me that my body is in such a different place than it used to be. I would have needed several recovery days in the past. Yesterday I just needed a short rest, good conversation, and some food. Amazing. #queer #butch #masculineofcenter #nature #genderfluid #lupus #chronicillness
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