Our new dog “Blue” and I explored the farm today on our first solo walk. He ate three large sticks, a leaf and two mysterious piles of something soft and dark.
Wreath making party! This idea popped in this year, so I went for it. Minimal supplies, minimal planning and adventurous friends made for a great afternoon. We dumped all the clippings on the floor and totally winged it. Monica nailed it. My monochromatic look was missing a bit on the southeast, but I lost steam, so I settled for wonky. And, the final picture was taken the moment I was relaying a story about Beaudie seeing ET in a commercial. I hope they sold a ton of whatever they were selling bc we were up for a week with nightmares! 😂✨
Gophers are still a big problem but there are a host of critters in our ecosystem that help us find balance. And now you can add one more to the list. Yes we’ve shown you that hawks, weasels, badgers, coyotes, gopher snakes, and of course our guardian dog Caya all eat gophers. But guess what?… So does “George” my favorite egret. This egret has been coming back to the farm every winter for at least the last five years. On rainy days we find him out in our pastures hunting for his dinner. After he caught this one he continued hunting there for the next three hours. He made about 25 failed attempts to catch another one before leaving for the night. Thanks George the Egret we appreciate the help.
#FBF to my tour of @apricotlanefarms 🐖🐂🐑🐓🐛Check out their documentary @thebiggestlittlefarm 🎥
There’s gold in these hills
Friends with sneakers (and creative cocktails). Pineapple guava-infused gin + lime + Clementine @izzeofficial soda + orange bitters + sparkling water & a pineapple guava garnish. 🍹
Happy Thanksgiving! Beaudie’s collections from our marathon turkey day walk around the farm. An enormous olive branch that he insisted on carrying the entire way home. And, a jawbone of a cow! Score! Blue had his first walk off leash and did so well. He accidentally fell in an azolla pond, so it was baths all around when we got home! Hope you and yours have a wonderful day. I’m so grateful for this shared experience on our most beautiful mother earth. 🧡🌱🥧
Grass Hopper sheltering from the rain, on a spool of electric poly wire in Emma the pig’s pasture. I’d say to you Happy Thanksgiving little one, but it would mean very little. However, the tiny shelter you’ve discovered? Well that means everything.
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