📍Bahía del Duque


Post-Physio treatment. I strained my back lifting up my hyperactive 1 year old which led to finding Salvador. Amazing how the universe finds ways to create a positive out of something so negative. Salvador was literally my saviour. We met him 4 years ago so I already knew how brilliant a physio he was. After two treatments 4 days apart, he explained how since childbirth and having both my kids in close succession of each other my muscles have become constricted and especially my core is completely shredded. He said I was in danger of damaging my hips and lower back if I didn’t regain strength here. My legs and arms have the right muscle strength (probably from baby-wearing and lifting the kiddies!) He’s recommended exercises that I do daily before commencing any heavy exercise especially no running. I’m allowed to spin 🚲 and swim 🏊‍♀️ in the meantime.
Cliche, but no caption is actually needed
Как же хорошо в отпуске... 🙈 #семья 💖 #счастьеесть #моряокеаны
Live better. Love better. Strive harder. Be bolder. Dance longer. Explore further. Question deeper. Dream bigger. Climb higher. Seek greater. #2019
Don’t go chasing waterfalls . . . . . #waterfall #tenerife #bahiadelduque #delduque
Trabajando en el paraíso..., con los mejores 🌺 #bestteam #beophtha #happymood #llegamosatodoymás #noslopasamosbientrabajando
Вернулись в прекрасное место год спустя ❤️
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