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#MondayMotivation - Took two weeks off, but now I’m back at it. Had to open the week with a PR, 385 lbs! Little sloppy, but that shit went up. Little adversity never hurt no body ! 😈 - - #BuildTheChestFuckTheRest #Powerlifting #FuckAverage #BeastMode #Killit #ChestDay #PR #BarberGym - - Motivation from my boy @chase.strange - 📸: @r.harvey24
Small nagging hip soreness from increasing my squat volume over the last few weeks. Funny, I got knee pain and back pain squatting with a belt and knee sleeves. I don’t anymore now that I don’t rely on those things. Strength is coming back.
Weighted dips with 225, showing progress. 5 months ago this would have been a single lowly set of three. Many decades ago in the era of Pat Casey, the biggest benchers were also the biggest “dippers”. Often called the “squat for your upper body”, this is one of my favorite pressing variations.
Complete upper body dayyyy 💪🏼 I’ve definitely been slacking these past 2 weeks in the gym but that’s okay! Rest IS OKAY! 🤭 So today I decided to hit full upper body, I’m talking back, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, the workssss homies! I didn’t have a very good lift, but hey, I went! 😆 Here are a few of my favorite exercises for each muscle group! 👇🏼 Back: lat pull down, face pulls Biceps: dumbbell hammer curls, machine curls reverse grip Triceps: cable reverse tricep variation, dumbbell tricep kickback Chest: bench press, pectoral flys Shoulders: cable shoulder press, barbell upright row
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