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*ring *ring "Hey mom, hey dad!! I'm in London!" @ivan.melnichuk.3 @lyudmilamelnichuk 😍😅
catch me staring at the sky and taking pictures of ceilings
well, I’m not talking it’s just postureo🤷🏻‍♂️
Assyrian Winged Hunan Headed Bull. About 865 BC. This protective spirit guarded the entrance to what May have been the king’s private apartments. (I put the photo through the Mextures App).
About last night. Breathing with 750 Londoners in the awe-inspiring cathedral that is the @britishmuseum. Thank you @justbreathelondon for an epic night of connection and humanity.
British Museum 🏢 shows history long time gone: emperors👳, goddess and deities👼, ancient cultures👸 and the born of civilization👪. All that for free💷... So enjoy culture while in London!! . El British Musem 🏢 nos muestra una historia lejana: emperadores👳, deidades y diosas👼, cultural antiguas👸 y el nacimiento de la civilizacion👪 Todo esto gratis💷 así que es imprescindible disfrutar de la cultura en Londres!! . #britishmuseum #Egypt #londoner #londonstyle #sheisnotlost #lonelyplanet #ig_europe #ig_eurasia #igerslondon #instalondon #golden #symmetrykillers #symetry #colors_of_day2 #traveladdict #culturetrip #cultural #knowledge #history #instacatclub #igspain #indoor #visitengland #visitlondon #europe #travelbloggers #travelblog #herpnwlife #viajaresvivir #viajandoando
There are moments in our lives when we know that right here, right now, is something truly special. And Monday night was just that for me. _ 18 months ago we started @justbreathelondon , a project to turn the volume down, and turn the light up, and create real human connection within our community. _ A few months ago I was approached by the @britishmuseum to hold space here in their Great Court, at the foot steps of human history. It was both humbling and inspiring. _ So on Monday night we gathered, 750 strong to come together in peace and quiet, to sit down and #justbreathe _ This will be a moment that will stay with me forever, thank you london for breathing with us. #justbreathe #london #human #community _ 📸 @jake_paul_white
Los faraones del Antiguo Egipto eran enterrados en varios sarcófagos, unos dentro de los otros. Este tipo de enterramiento se puede observar, por ejemplo, en la tumba del faraón Tutankamón. La fotografía corresponde a la 'Exposición de Sarcófagos' del Museo Británico, en Londres.
British artist John Craxton moved to the Greek island of Crete in 1960. He found an old house and studio by the harbour in the town of Chania, and painted the people, landscapes and animals he encountered on the island. The rowdy harbourside tavernas allowed him to get close to the sailors who would come and go from the port. Look closely and you can see some intriguing features in this painting – the artist’s signature appears on the packet of cigarettes, and the inscription at the top says ‘Breaking [of plates] is forbidden by law’. Craxton was good friends with Greek artist Niko Ghika and British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, and the three shared a love for Greece – our new free exhibition explores their friendship and the works they produced while living in the country. Find out more via the link in our bio. #JohnCraxton #Craxton #sailors #Crete #Greece #island #Mediterranean #art #artists #painting #oilpaint #Ghika #LeighFermor #Greek
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