📍British Museum


So many things to see at the British Museum—and with free admission.
Sweetness in front of the Rosetta Stone.
Yesterday, the snacks were the highlight.
In the British Museum. If you ever get time, read about the history of Easter Island and the 🗿 Moai and how important these statues are.
大英博物館 滿滿的木乃伊~超震撼
Mosaics, everyone’s favorite chess set, and some old cats. #lewischessmen #mosaic #britishmuseum #ancientegypt #carthage #romans #plunder
From January to December, twelve months flower&poetry wine cups. A perfect combination of literature and art. Stands for the highest level of porcelain masterpiece in history
사회시간에 공부안한거 후회된다 ㅎ 모가몬지 ㅎ
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