Hotel Living This is our coffee center, kitchen, bar, bathroom. 2 adults + 2 dogs = 1 room. #travelmutts #hotellife #hotelliving
Moon in Libra 🌓♎️ First Quarter Phase The Moon is in Libra today. The Libra Moon. Libra brings the energy of partnering and connecting with the other. The most important thing to understand about this energy is that it is reflective, meaning that everyone you encounter is a reflection of you. Each person is giving you an aspect of yourself. This is when astrology gets fun. Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, Libra energy enjoys art, wine, and laughter. Things that restore us and give us new energies to create with. The ruler of this Moon is Venus and she is currently in Leo, opposing Mars, her opposing planet in Aquarius, her opposing sign. In astrology, Venus represents the feminine energy, while Mars the masculine. And when they oppose one another we can allow both aspects to expand within us and we can also choose to cultivate one over the other Venus in Leo wants more love, more luxury, and more sex. While Mars in Aquarius wants to go explore uncharted territories and create the next revolutionary thing to make our lives better. I advice knowing your chart and what transits you’re moving through before setting an intention in one direction or another. With the First Quarter Moon, we’re tritium being asked which way will we go? Which path will you choose? The familiar path that brings you comfort and luxury or the unknown, rebellious, thrill-seeking path which will force you to become entirely different. I will add that comfort is overrated with all the energy shifts we’re undergoing. Growth an adventure is what’s up lately for sure. But we are each creators and can do what we desire with what we have. Today is also the beginning of the Summer Solstice, the day where we have the longest light of the year. Be sure to spend some of this day, meditating and focusing your energy for the summer months. This summer is going to be energetically a wild ride as we are about to come upon Eclipse season and a Mercury Retrograde in several weeks. To learn more about creating your life with the energy of the Moon follow this link: https://jujumama.com/monique-ruffin-moon-manifestation-system/ #moonmagic #libramoon #moonastrology
Kalimera from Greek Village!! #GV2018 #twodaysleft #wedontwanttoleave
Testing my instagram/new twitter link
moment of silence for cute azulejos 🖤 #summer #solstice #selfie
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