📍College Station, Texas


Doodles at work. Coming up with ideas for a little sign-painter's art. Tack this on the list of projects. #signpainting #handlettering #sketch #enamel #pinstripe #1shot #alphanamel #amateur
I taught my last third grade junior achievement class, “Our City” for the semester. Thank you Mrs. Murphy for inviting me and Meredith for assisting. @whoop_mere_it_is @mere_n_ate
Fall 2019 ... Student Services Building
why are the apples so big here
“Solaaaarrrrrr💥❗️” @maxotrill @maxotrill @maxotrill Comment and Tag @maxotrill if I swagged🚫🧢
fun fact: the largest snowflake was reported to be 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.
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