Cabbage. Just the word can scare a lot of people not to mention the pure sight of it. But if you ask us it is one of the small wonders among veggies. Especially if they come as young baby-pointed-cabbage-heads where the sweetness is intense and the crispyness as its highest. We serve it accompanying our fried lemon sole along a lovely lobster sauce . . #restaurantonthe17thfloor #restaurantsilo #cabbage #greenery #veggie 📷 @robinskjoldborg
Igår tog jeg et møde, som var et af “de møder”, som giver ustyrlig mange sommerfugle i maven 🤩🙏🏻 #bydittejulie #dittejuliejensen #dittejulie
バッグ。 見切れてるのは仕様です⭕️
Doppio espresso🇮🇹by Royal Copenhagen princess series🇩🇰with Japanese special hospitality🇯🇵Herr you are, My gorgeous new follower🇺🇸😉✨🌹☕️ @zackpilcher
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