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A shot of the changes to the car posted up in Dallas this past weekend for @texasmustanginvasion 🔥 appreciate all the love, looks, and pics taken! Always a great time meeting new people, seeing my favorite builds in person, and talking with fellow Mustang enthusiasts, until next year 👍🏽 《《《《《》》》》》 Build: @fordperformance @msdperformance @jbaperformanceexhaust @mgwshifters @mcleod_racing @jltperformance @bmrsuspension @lund_racing @powerstopbrakes @qa1motorsports Wrap Designer: Patrick Lugar 《《《》》》 Tags: #Coyote #5point0 #FivePointOh #CoyotesOnly #Yote #32v #CobraJet #MSD #MGW #McLeod #JLT #JBA #JLT #Brembo #LundRacing
🔁 @lorelamuneca Llego el tiempo de sacar los de la familia Peluche 😆 ya los acompaño en @latinomixdfw 🎶 con boletos para @romeosantos | @dallasmavs | cada hora para el concierto de @karolg & @reykon 🤞🏼 (link en mi bio para escuchar)
Jophiel is 4 months old today! We love her so much. #dogsofinstagram #operationkindness #fosteringsaveslives
Oh, & yeah we’re celebrating and what not, but don’t forget, we’re still the best #bundles in #dallas 💕😘
takin Tex home with me
I’m going to tell you a hockey story about a new friend of mine named Courtney. (sports cry ahead) Watching the game tonight as I always do I’m being loud and wearing my kilt and calling the players by name and chirping hard at the other squad. I’ve got folks high-fiving me and laughing. I got on the big screen a couple times tonight and I’m having a great time with Michael celebrating his birthday. After the first period a lady turns around and leans in to say something to me and I figure she’s going to say something about how loud I am and how she’s heard my voice echo in the arena and I’ll have to apologize since I’ve noticed her lean over to her boyfriend a couple times after I’ve been cheering. She tells me that she loves that I’m being so enthusiastic and that I know the game, she tells me that she used to go to games with her dad and he yelled like that and she said it’s been tough since he passed for her but it made her remember him and that it’s been great. I thanked her and smiled as I sat back and got ready for the second period. Fast forward to the next intermission, the young woman leans back and changes my perspective on why I love this game so much. “This is going to sound weird” she says, and I tell her that’s fine, I’m a bit weird at times so no worries. She has a small button in her hand and she tells me a story about how she likes Captain America and digs comic cons and cos play kinda stuff. Her dad went to one with her, not because it was his thing but because it was her thing and he wanted to go with her. As he went to different booths he found this Captain America button and gave it to her. She always has it with her and it means so much because it’s the last thing her dad gave her before he passed. She says that tonight meant so much to her, not because the Stars played so well, but because hearing someone love the game and be loud and yell about plays and for players by name made her remember her dad. She said it helped her and healed, she said she wanted me to have the button. I sports cried and tried to contain how humbled and grateful I was. I asked if she was sure and she assured me. I promised her that this button would be at e
Dallas loves me already😍..My fav girls live here now and I will cross the oceans to be with them💃🏿😍...#sistersquad #friendswhobecomesisters #myfamilyisbetterthanyours ❤❤❤❤
Drink your water, mind your business, flourish. 💫
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