📍Denver, Colorado


Light and shadow on branches with sky
Focus on the fact that this man got me in skates and not on the children dying in the background.
💪🏼 SUPER PROUD OF MYSELF 💪🏼 I’ve never really been one to practice healthy habits, but I’ve gotta say now that I have started and seen the transformation of my body and mind, there is NO turning back! • • I honestly shocked myself with the willpower I have against unhealthy habits. I never thought I would be the girl to turn down all the junk and chips and sweets at the grocery store, or go to workout classes daily, BUT hear I am and I feel better than I ever have about myself and the person I have become. • • It is easier than you think to retrain your mind to create a healthier lifestyle, and EVERYONE IS CAPABLE! You’re body is truely all you have that is yours in this life, so why not treat it like your temple!! • • ALSO——-> Check out @wanderlust_way_journey to see the new vlog @lexiswilliams and I posted about what we eat and how we incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyle! 👽🖤
Saw this guy hanging out in his colors... @broncos #dogsofinstagram #PichInDenver
Anybody know this guy? Lol
Last gig of 2018! @knaggsguitars @templeboards
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