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I’ve been following this talented lady since her time at HBO. Now she’s the showrunner of an amazing show and is kicking ass as 1 of the only 3 latinas showrunners in the industry.
I walked by quite a few, but this was the only one that grabbed my heart.
活出自己和对自己有自信才称女神💋 #dickyishakcouturier #dolbytheatre #女神经 🙄
My kinda Friday night - not sweating/running/directing/yelling/pointing/lifting/bossing people around. 😜 Just enjoying a show with my besties and laughing till our stomachs hurt. #rdma #producerlife
The Radio Disney Music Awards: where only the BESS(ey) and the brightest stars get to walk to the red carpet. #RDMA
Brynn Cartelli @radiodisney awards this past Friday 💗 Hair: Me Makeup: @gloglomakeup Stylist: @cdicelove13
Things have a tendency to work out way better than I imagine when I leap in the direction of my highest good/Light/Love even when (especially when) I don’t have it all figured out. Thank you @jezebelvonzephyr for the opportunity to attend EOL with your team in LA as we grow the shit out of your business, @evolvingoutloud for being an example of swinging big and doing The Dolby, and @haroldpaynemusic for the lil extra special that you add.
Great time at #kylecease . Best part was making friends with a french bull dog next to me with s gland issue. Great two days spent at The Dolby being a part of #evolvingoutloud
Life changing event! @evolvingoutloud
Phenomenal weekend with Kyle Cease in LA!
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