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3d printed an Allen key handle for the chuck key for the #sherlineproducts chuck.
Oh how much I miss this bike 😪 #giantbikes #girlrider #dhmtb #mountainbiking #fox #girlswhoride
Yes !
Today’s ability to function proudly brought to you by @redzed_coffee_shed and @frenchquarterchambers — two of my favourite local businesses. Especially at this time of year, supporting local businesses is the only way to go. #shoplocal #supportlocalbusiness #goldcoast #lawyers #lawyerlife #coffee #coffeeislife #familylaw #familylawyer #familylawyergoldcoast #goldcoastlawyers
Found myself the cutest training buddy @dexthedachsie this morning @plc_coomera plc_coomera 🐶 🏋️‍♀️ #morningexercise #motivation #feelgood #dachshundsofinstagram #queensland #goldcoast #health #happiness #fitness
Hey Sisters! I’m Jessica Palmer, Founder of The Australian Women’s Collective, Mama to 2 beautiful little girls & a woman on a mission to help woman rise up & achieve success in all areas of life. I am a Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, Time Line Therapist®️ & previous to that I spent 10yrs in various training & management roles. In 2015 I left the workforce to start a family. 7wks after giving birth to my first child, an traumatic event occurred causing me to suffer from PTSD, anxiety & depression. Sadly, this was the start of many tragedies that would unfold over the following 2yrs. I gave birth to my second child in 2016 & by 2017, my health & overall well-being was at an all time low. I had to take a short break from my children to start the recovery process. I had an iron infusion as my iron was so depleted from having babies & poor diet choices. My life had been turned upside down. I lost loved ones due to domestic violence & suicide. Once I made the conscious decision to make transform my life & realised that what happened didn’t have to define MY future, I began to heal & start speaking out on issues such as mental health & the realities of motherhood. I started the AWC to bring a collective of inspiring women who wanted to make the world a better place & were focused on working as a collective, relinquishing any notion of competition or comparison. Through fixing my own gut health, exercise & a strong commitment to personal development, I managed to let go of most of the trauma that had been weighing me down. I feel free & this quote by Maya Angelou expresses why I do what I do - “When you get, give. When you learn, teach.” I have experience, learnt & now I teach. Sharing my experience through a personal blog gave me a safe space to express my darkest experiences & head back towards the light. Now I radiate with joy & confidence & most of all gratitude for how these experiences have shaped me. My purpose is clear & our Sisterhood keeps growing allowing our message of wellness, connection & Nourishment to have a wider reach. Whilst The AWC is under a year old, our Collective Sisterhood ... (read rest below)
Work getting in the way of life 😜 Please Santa I've been good, #goldcoast #bigboats #earlystarts #ineedasugarmummy
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