📍Guangzhou, China


Fancy bathroom at TaiKoo Hui 🍃
Wedding dress embroidery fabric🌹
How do you define your SUCCESS? Is it how much money one makes? What kind of car one drives? Or perhaps it’s something intangible like the impact you can make in others lives. Take @davidjmalan for example. A once Harvard computer science professor. Who quit his job to literally teach the WORLD, because he felt that too many people right now don’t have access to education. He filmed his classes, built a website and uploaded all his lectures onto the internet. - 1 MILLION students enrolled in his class to learn the ins and outs of computer science. All of this made entirely for FREE. - We are all entitled to some form of success. Let’s not always dwell on not having the materialistic things.
Still fat , no six pack , soon will be 3year #anniversary #rhyme
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