📍Hidden Lake Lookout - North Cascades National Park


What’s cooler....The little hut on top of the mountain or the crazy view from inside or the ‘world’s greatest grandma’ mug we found on the table? #pnwonderland #hiddenlakelookout #worldsgreatestgrandma
Top views and top beers. The typical @annniekat pic #pnwonderland #northcascadesnationalpark
Fun Fact: when we finally reached this lookout for sunset we realized we weren’t the only people planning on staying the night in the cabin. In fact, there were 12 of us all try to stay up on this rock peak! (On a Tuesday 🙄) So we slept underneath it in a little dirt hole with these two other guys from Canada. It was a freezing cold night and I think I slept 2 hours before going to work the next day. Was it worth it?.... Ummm check out this view!
Starting to get some snow at the higher elevations in the North Cascades. #northcascades
Memories from a week ago. From wooded forest, to alpine meadows, to crystalline lakes, to boulder scrambles, to a lovely cottage perched on a peak and back
Learning to be alone without being lonely is not always easy. There will always be days when you need someone, and that’s perfectly okay. But if you find one day that you are struggling and need relief, find something that breathes life back into your soul. For me, it’s always been fitness and nature, but it could be something as simple as reading a book in the grass. It will get easier, I promise. But you have to learn to love yourself, as you are, and be confident in that - and you’ll start to see that your life is beautiful if you chose to see it that way and you didn’t need anyone else to show you that. #loveyourself #loveyourlife #knowyourworth #neveralone #lifeisbeautiful
After a long period of radio silence I’m back and motivated as ever. Life has been a bit, well, chaotic since I left for Laos back in May but I’m finally catching up to life the only way I know how...going back to the basics. Back to times of simple meals with 3 or 4 ingredients, being active, sleeping enough, and taking time to disconnect. My version of healthy includes way more than just my diet. •• A camping trip to the cascades was all I needed to restart. But of course, what’s a good hike without a side of energy balls?
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