📍Hidden Lake Lookout - North Cascades National Park


hidden lake lookout // 06.01.18
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 🔥 #viegirl #vieathletics #vieadventure . . . . #northcascades #hiddenlakelookout #hiddenlake #mountbaker #girlswhohike
Missing this place too. That’s our tent bottom right. The rock face you can see above (which is actually level with the tent but far away) tried to kill me and my old man on the hike up, by lobbing a rock about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle at us down the mountain and straight thru 2 parts of the trail we were hiking up. It missed us by about 20 yards. (You can actually see where falling rocks have created a path through the grass and is now just dirt; who has been brained?) A little brush with death is always good for a re-uptake on life. Then you perch on the top of the world and ponder what it means, even though you know the answer. It means what we decide it does. Which in itself means nothing, and everything. Meaning is only intent. #qadphotography #northcascadesnationalpark
It really is a hidden lake 🤷‍♂️ #pnw #optoutside #northcascades #hike #hiddenlakelookout
King & Queen of the mountain Throwback to an early weekend adventure. The combination of peace and quiet in the evenings let’s you get to know the inner workings of a persons mind, while the hike shows you what they’re made of. Nothing like falling in love under quiet starlit skies and taking in beautiful mountain views to continue getting to know a person
Mountain snacks are the best snacks
It really is a Hidden Lake...... #snowdayinmay
Let hiking season commence 🗻 Hit me up if you want to hike/camp together this summer! #hada (snow)ball #deathclimb #literally #pnw #northcascades #photodumpfromchris #mountainwoman
Happy drummer. Thanks Jack!
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