📍Jasper, Alberta


This smoke can go away now
Today we parted ways with our “expedition” partners @juraswick @amand0_command0 as they travel back to Portland. Our journey continues through the rest of the #canadianrockies
I grew up thinking everyone needed the belief I did. I was taught and embraced that I was a whole person because I had it. Those without were lacking. It felt like a blessed life. I knew my place in the world and loved the peace that came with it. I enjoyed sharing my beliefs and felt like a genuine person doing so. But I changed. I let myself question, re-examine and open. One of the most powerful things that happened was suddenly seeing others not as half-people, lacking or incomplete, but whole, beautiful and intricate. It was as though I had got to the top of a mountain and could turn in any direction and be more amazed. Had they always been there?! . This world and the way I am part of it has created a different kind of grounding in me, even in recognizing my smallness in it. It has made me desire more presence, turned my conversations more meaningful and maybe more importantly, let me accept people as they are. They do not need to be added to, I just have to show up and listen. For me, the phrase “come as you are” pertains to not only to the way we approach the yoga mat (or other practices), but also the way I want people welcome around me. My gratitude for this view is hard to express. While I wonder more about the world, the people in it and the peace I feel with this new lens, I am full. It feels like I came home. _ Thank you @stephaniekicksbutt and @missmonkeymind for the #creativemindsproject and day 7 “wonder”. It has reignited the practice of writing and posting in real and honest ways for me. . . . . #bonnieyoga #mindfulmovement #mindfullife #jaspernationalpark #yogaonmountains #eightanglepose #astavakrasana #canadianrockies #yogainspiration #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
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