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子猫のSarsha. 好かれ過ぎてプライベートなし。
Have a great day followers kissses and huges 💝💝🐶🐶🐶
How do I train when I travel? 💪🏼 Flexibly. When I am in a city like LA I’ll hit up workout classes. When I’m somewhere beautiful I’ll go for a run. When I’m in a larger hotel I’ll lift weights in the gym. When I’m surrounded by nature I’ll go for a hike. When I’m in the middle of nowhere I’ll do bodyweight circuits. When I’m busy AF I’ll do nothing. Basically I do what I can with where I am 💦 I’ve have accepted that a consistent and regimented fitness routine isn’t a priority in my life right now. And I’m totally cool with it 😎 As long as I know that I’m looking after my body to the best of my ability by moving it regularly and feeding it nourishing food, I’m happy 😊 Want all my favourite travel workouts? Click the link on my bio! 💦 Wearing @adidaswomen 💝 #thesculptguide #girlgains #gymgirls #girlswholift #liftheavy #gymbunny #losangeles #travelblogger #travelworkout #plantbased #vegangains
有人说一口气喝了四杯巨好喝的奶茶结果买了两杯喝了两口就扔了吧🙄️ #叹茶 🍵
I freakin love @mini - they always have the funniest advertisements and they sent me a lens set for Xmas for being a life long customer. If your gonna be in your car super often, you might as well love driving it! ❤️ #minicooper
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