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HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE 🙋‍♀️ As the time passed i realised that mirha start looking like me 😍 i just found my old childhood picture and i was amazed whatta coincidence same dupatta pictures😋 tbh i prayed alot that baby should look like Gibran thra bht mere jesa bhi😅 and few days back gibran told me k mene bhi dua ki thi tumari trha hu baby😆 AFTER mirha was born she totally looks like Gibran same dito Photocopy wala scene ta😜 few of my rishtedaar said to me that "tum tou lagta hy sara time gibran ko dehkti rahi hu"🤣 lekin baaat tou sach hy ab Miyan jee ko e dehkna tha.."naak hira jesi hy moti si".. "ankhain Gibran jesi hain pyari si".. like seriously ap kaun hu bhaee!!🤨Aur wo typical kamwaliyan akar ap k bachay ko dehk kr esi batain keh dain gi app dehktay reh jao gy and i was like yaar 😏 if I'm being honest i didn't like it at all😐 few of my friends asked me "are u feeling jealous?" That She totally looks like gibran i was like naaaahhh why would i we are team💖 At that time something hit my mind reallyy yeh bhi koi baat hy jealous honay ki but yeah #societyfeelings we can't help it 🙄 i am happy that she looks like him🌸😇 ab thra thra mujh jesi lagnay lag gyi hy wse mujh se zada Gibran is baat se khush hain k is me tumari jhalak ati hy 💓 we so love her we cannot explain how it feels k yeh humari hy👨‍👩‍👧 we are so happy that ALLAH blessed us with this cute little angel 😊 #alhamdulilah Raising a daughter can sometimes feel like holding a mirror right up to your own face forcing you to really look at yourself all of the things you don’t likeand all of the things that you do💞 SHE'S A COMBINATION OF BOTH OF US😇 WE ARE HAPPY WITH IT🍃🌸 I DON'T THINK PEOPLE OPINION MATTERS so just be with yourself and don't value their fazool ki baatain kyun k wo fazool ki batain ap k rishtay ko effect kren gi mitti dalen ese logon pe aur you dont need to feel bad about it apnay app ko khush rakhen😁 . . . . . . #blogger #bloggerstyles #socialnorms #socialanxiety #loveyourself #beingunited #couplesgoals #us #lahoreblogger #lahorelife #lightscamerablogg #hirawedsgibran #photographyy #photogrid #note8 #note8photography #photostream
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