📍Los Angeles Convention Center


What do you think of my new profile pic
Published picture of a poser Paul photographing a purple passenger product playing possum with preposterous power.
Sunset at the convention center ✨ #BigAssDoor #Sunset #December #LosAngeles #SouthLand
So that time I discovered VOLVO offering a copper seat belt in their new electric S90!! And then discovering orange felt interior in the XC40!! Hurry up 2019, I can’t wait for this! #laautoshow
I love learning & sharing the interests he has. I love seeing him express his passion and enthusiasm in things. I love seeing him thrive in the things he sets his heart to. His passions become mine, his goals become mine, his desires become mine. If it works I'm there, if it fails Im there If we dont agree we compromise. My love @williampristine #love #lovebirds #bikes #laautoshow
Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap. #laautoshow
At the LA Auto show 2018
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