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Today is a super special day! We are celebrating this little girl who 4 years ago changed our lives forever. I am the proudest mom in the world, I feel so lucky! Aaaah and also there is my last mandala.
Totally #transparent #tuesday ✨ DEAR GOD✨ I am SO Grateful. I am Grateful for my life, and every single experience that has brought me to exactly where I am today. .... grateful for each and every person who took the time to tell me I had something special ... and thankful for all my « teachers » and « big brothers » who guided me ... and protected me along the way. I am #thankful to have lived my #dream ... and to still be #dreaming of where my next #adventure may take me. I am happy to enjoy my own company ... but treasure sharing time with beloved friends. I am at thankful that I feel such peace each night knowing that I have given #today my very best ... and thrilled at the prospect of what tomorrow holds! I love above all right now that I am Finally #home ... surrounded by #friends ... and able at last to be enjoying #time with #family ... I am content ....knowing that the joy I see in others when we connect and celebrate the gift of 🌟✨One. More. Day. 🌟✨ Is a reflection of the #joy that is me ... #thankyou for this #lovely #day I pray tonight that I can dig deep into my heart and find a way to help ... and heal....my beloved California community. I pray that whatever gifts I possess, ((musical, mental, physical )) can be of service somebody who needs to know they have some support ... Lord thank you for the treasure of another day.... and as for tomorrow 🙏🏼Make Me An Instrument 🙏🏼where there is hatred let me sow LOVE ! 💜💙💜 AMEN
A little #laundry help. #catsofinstagram
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