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Mardi Gras World
I visited #MardiGras World the other day which was a fascinating outlook on the history and culture of Mardi Gras in #NewOrleans and has an astounding collection of floats and pieces retired from previous parades. They also did an amazing job of providing an outlook on the process of building all the different pieces and their meticulous detail. #Louisiana #wanderlustguru #wanderlust #instagood #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #exploring #aesthetic
Bucket list item: To roll in Mardi Gras parade during Festival one year. #neworleans #louisiana #mardigras #rv
@lcasper2 @leadbird Nathalie Gomes-Adams. NOLA Jitterbugs and The Ibervillianaires at @mardigrasworld @titus_childersphotography
Had a great weekend with some of my favorite people! Crawfish for Cancer NOLA team did a phenomenal job, Mom & Dad got to go to a CFC event, caught up with great friends, stayed with B and plotted future music business/events ventures, saw the ever talented @amytrailsongs at Pat O’s (played piano on my EP), was told to stop looking sketchy in the corner of this first pic, and loved every minute of the whole weekend.
De La Salle’s 2018 Prom Court! King Gustavo De Paiva and Queen Jordan McFarland. ✨🤴🏻👸🏾❤️
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