A great lost, a brother ,a friend, unforgettable Dan' uwa.. Ya allah give him rahama ni'ima in his new home.. You will be in a better place insha'allah😢
#Issa movement
Mubi Dokaji kokuma Mubi yan iska
We are here again, what are you waiting for, come and grab your ticket in time...
Doing good for selfish reason doesn't makes you good. It's only makes you good at being selfish. Ya Allah make Jannatul Firdausi our final destination. Ameen. #Jumma 'at Mufeeda
Shine on My Love
My Adda Amie I can't express n explain how much u meant to me n my entire life seriously I so much lurv you durlin Sis ur beauty is super natural😍😍😍 @______amirah
Allah loves those who remember others. He accepts prayers of those who pray for others. He shows compassion & mercy to those who show to others. May Allah's love, favours, compassion, mercy and blessings be with you and your family for ever. Jum@t Mubarak.
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