📍Morristown National Historical Park


The day didn’t quite turn out as planned, but we still got to enjoy our visit - plus handle some real revolutionary war artifacts! 🙌🇺🇸#findyourpark #buddybison
Since my event at Jockey Hollow was cancelled, got a really cool special private tour of some of the archived items stored at Washington's HQ instead, including this harsh AF piece of currency.
Today’s workout consisted of the Barbados Booty with @karenadawn & an amazing hike with a good friend of mine @gagfam12 and his lil pup Vulcan @vulcan_gsd ! #tiu31 #tiunj #tiunyc #studiotoneitup #dailycheckin
agora que minha carreira de modelo ta deslanchando vou ter que voltar pro Brasil, que ba . . @dilsonstein me descobre
Not every run is awesome: part 372747. . Today’s run didn’t start feeling good til about 6 or 7 miles in. I had a little too much 🍷 at dinner, and started a few hours later than normal. My legs weren’t turning over and I couldn’t imagine how I’m going to be running 3x today’s distance come race day. . Instead of just letting it be a shitty run, I thought about seeing so many friends along the course, running across the Golden Gate Bridge, and crossing the finish line at Crissy Field. For whatever reason, my legs woke up and I didn’t want this run to end. . Keep showing up. #WorkTheProblem
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