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1 year ago today I survived part of a trek I honestly didn't think the day before I would. Never stop challenging yourself or doing the terrifying option. If it makes you nervous, it's probably good for you. #17500ftup #everestbasecamp #trekking
After reaching Everest Base Camp, we stayed at a lodge about 2.5 hours away from it. But we had to leave the next day at 4am so we can make it to Pheriche where we were supposed to be picked up by choppers and dropped (after a refueling stop) at Kathamandu so we can fly back to Dubai the next day. The early morning trek started in the dark where we relied entirely on our headlamps to light the rocky way we're taking. It was also around -5 celcius (which explains the shaky shot, gloves, sorry). After 5 hours of continuous trekking with no stops or breaks to avoid missing the helicopter window, we finally reached Pheriche only to find out that flights were grounded due to weather. We were on stand by from 9am to 4:30pm, sleeping on chairs and couches at the dining hall. No hope. We're staying here tonight, we'll see what tomorrow brings. The rest of the pics are from this morning's trail.
Patria Amada Brasil!!!!!!
We walked through forests, rivers, streams, mountains, mud, rain, freezing cold, insane terrain and through some of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen in my life to get to this point! Yesterday, we trekked for 8 hours to get to a place called Pheriche. We rested there, then today we trekked for another 2.5 hours to a place called Gorakshep and then another 3 hours to get to Base Camp, then 1.5 hours to come back from Base Camp to Gorakshep. We made it to Everest Base Camp (5,380m). Although we reached our destination, the journey isn't over yet. We still need to get back to Kathmandu so we can for back to Dubai. Stay tuned for those updates.
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