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Fucking hate writing captions but hello :)
APRIL 20th // Bits Of Naaz EP 🌺 // SWIPE for tracklist - ‘Bits Of Lyrics’ 😢 music written & composed by yours truly produced by Naaz & Soulsearchin’ a touch of my friends mixed by Deltabeats mastered by Wired UK inspired by you and the universe. I’m grateful, I’m ready... • this is quirkpop •
Since I never ended up answering this Q: my measurements are 32(burst)-21(waist) and 32(hips) and I’m 5’5 😊 P.s the watch is from @danielwellington , how cute ! #danielwellington #ad
Transform my bedroom into a jungle. I'm officially a mother of this beautiful plants. It wasn't easy at first, believe me. But after i got the hang of it, it became a habit to keep on checking & taking care of them! Will introduce my small collection soon and continue sharing the journey with you all! #girlswithplants #plantmom #plantjournal #botanicalwomen 🌿
I’ve bought new air forces since this pic was taken
Everyone: Takes incredibly challenging classes to better prepare themselves for their future careers Me: I'm a baaaad bitch, fuck the bitch Bitch get slick, I'ma cut the bitch I'm a baaaad bitch, suck some DiCK If that bitch get slick, I'll CUT the bitch
Here's a song I wrote after I woke up this morning 💤🎶
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