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Since I never ended up answering this Q: my measurements are 32(burst)-21(waist) and 32(hips) and I’m 5’5 😊 P.s the watch is from @danielwellington , how cute ! #danielwellington #ad
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When I was younger I was not obsessed with just fairies 🧚🏽‍♀️ and dragons 🐉 and unicorns 🦄 I also believed in goblins 😂🤷🏽‍♀️I was a goblin expert. Goblins are rood and mischievous creatures, they love gold and at night time love to creep in humans houses and steal things. Goblins arms are so long it touches the ground and if you try hitting them on the head that won’t do anything because goblins heads are as hard as rock but if you step on their feet it will be like kicking a ball sack.l also remember that goblins have no toes. 👹When I was seven I would go to a forest (by myself 😬) and look for them 😂 but I never got upset not finding them because I knew that it’s less likely to see a goblin than a fairy because goblins live deep underground. 😂I’m embarrassing myself .🤦🏽‍♀️anyway this is how I would imagine a teen goblin 🍃🍂💚
¡ dσห'т g¡vε ค ƒucк
🥀•My body, my ice, my cash, all real i'm a triple threat•🥀
Fucking hate writing captions but hello :)
😂weekend babies
APRIL 20th // Bits Of Naaz EP 🌺 // SWIPE for tracklist - ‘Bits Of Lyrics’ 😢 music written & composed by yours truly produced by Naaz & Soulsearchin’ a touch of my friends mixed by Deltabeats mastered by Wired UK inspired by you and the universe. I’m grateful, I’m ready... • this is quirkpop •
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