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Little babes, new adventures 💙 #JaxonPaul #JettThomas
To infinity and beyond. 🌌🚀🌠🌜 #toystory #buzzlightyear #reachforthesky
Creme brulé. 🙏 #goodeats
He thinks he's the captain. 🤦👀
So I don’t really talk about this because I always felt ashamed of it and people say don’t talk about it. I have depression, I always felt like I’m unlovable because the two people that were supposed to love me abandoned me. I have this need to seek approval of others, to make them like me, to fill that emptiness that is forever in my heart. Some of my closest friends will never understand that, what I go through everyday, it’s easy for people to say “I was chosen” (which I feel, see, and hear every time I see my mom and dad every time we talk), but being tossed aside like a problem, inconvenience, and trash is something I live with everyday. I can say “I’m happy”, smile in photos, and put on a smile, but what you never see is a sad child always seeking approval of others. I love being the person that makes people laugh, but they always say, “the saddest people, always make the laugh the loudest.” #onestep #depression #seetherealme #focus #unfiltered
Последний вечер,когда все дома,все в сборе.God bless these girls! 3015 Old Bryan dr🏠🇺🇸 Дом-это там где арахисовая паста,куриные крылышки и арбуз.
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