📍Mystic Aquarium


Up close with Juno!
gang gang (part uno)
keep talkin like that you’ll be shleepin wit the penguins @j.a_k.e
*uses apple watch to take pic with beluga*
There’s plenty of 🐠 in the sea,but this one is mine .
This comb jelly reflects light off of its cilla creating a rainbow effect. Simple creatures, but beautiful and they’ve been around for millions of years so they got to be doing something right.
Spent some time with the homies Juno Beluga and Hell No Crab today 🙌🏻✌🏻
Emceeing with @kevinnbcct for @mysticaquarium Ocean Commotion!
Paleontologists previously believed that Brachiosaurus spent a majority of time in water, due to their nostrils being at the top of its head. This is no longer believed because sauropods had air-filled pockets in their bodies, which would have made them quite buoyant. Get up close with a Brachiosaurus and more dinosaurs inside Jurassic Giants presented by Frontier Communications!
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