📍Naylor Court


Friendsgiving with the boys. 🦃
Urban fall.
Falling down the pit of despair.
We’re pleased to be hosting an exhibition of images by promising young photographer @slimpsphotos. ‘Ukraine: Caught in the Conflict’ opens tonight, Thursday, Oct 11, 6 - 8 PM. Please join us!
Guard doggies now in place (at least close to it).
The head scritching servant doesn’t have a very good attitude....
Aaaaaand, we’re back.
Wish I was home more during the day...
EL Studio table 4.0 - standing edition!
Full of sadness. The humans are not sharing their food.
We are still living out of boxes, but managed to have a nice little dinner...
The library loft, getting its library...
WTF is this brick made of?!?!
Mika will not be left behind. Even if the car door just happened to be open and no one is going anywhere.
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