📍Naylor Court


Dusty belly rubs
Out of the ordinary #shotbyjonathanf #explore #art
Mold released... (Now time for cabinet alignment.)
Final prep for the countertop....
sacked out puppy
Construction inspector Mika checking the floors.
Sconces of doom.
Literally the best straws in the world.
So close....
We love this stunning boutique condominium, located in the Blagden Alley - Naylor Court historic district of DC. These multi-level residences bring an air of luxury and class to this booming commercial area full of craft cocktails bars, coffee, street art, and some of the city’s most popular new restaurants. #blagdenalley #NaylorCourt #ShawDC #naylorcourtlofts
Weathering steel is weathering.
I’ve wanted the Luminophor since the first time we saw it...
The WAP is a winner of @worldarchitecturenews 2018 Urban Challenge! London, here we come...
The garage of doom is hungry. (Also it took seven coats to get the red to look right.)
That’s a #WAP .
Join us tonight for an urban experience at the DC studio - we’ve got cupcakes. Alley Hop! 1319 Naylor Ct, NW, 6 PM
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