📍Ocmulgee National Monument


Thanks Trump. You literally ruined my plans for today and i am super pissed that i can't even walk a damn trail bc you have unresolved issues. Screw this shutdown mess man, how in the hell is the whole dang government gonna "shut down"? Yall need to shut down these corrupt politicians and lobbyists...the fake teachers and crooked cops, The bought off judges and the fake justice seekers...or better yet, shut down the damn TWITTER account!!! Anything but my parks and historical monuments!!! 😡
2000 people lived here for 1000 years
Today I went to the Indian Mounds. It’s breath taking when you see it in person, pictures doesn’t do it justice. I got part Indian in me. It’s amazing walking through the same paths where the Indians did. I got more pics then these. Love this place, so much history. #allnatural #outdoors #indianmounds #breathtaking #history #indians #artifacts #gaydaddy #historicmacon #maconga #gayfit
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