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Think I'll grab myself a beer! All #crowlers are hand filled to order, and today are only $8! Brewery is open till 8 o'clock tonight! #portjeffersonbrewingcompany #portjefferson #askwhereyourbeerismade #askforportjeffbrew #uncomplicate #frostyicecoldbeer
Another Mets fan just found me 🐶 🍻
Funeral got me down 😞 Black IPAs cheer me up slightly 🍻
It's the Marine Corps Birthday today, so we want to wish our very own @libeerguy , who's working the tasting room today, and all other Marines a happy 243 birthday! Tomorrow is veterans day, so today and tomorrow, any active duty military or veteran with proper ID gets their first beer on us. We thank you for your service. #usmc243 #usarmy #usaf #usn #uscg #usmc #veteransday #portjefferson #portjeffersonbrewery #hireavet #askwhereyourbeerismade #frostyicecoldbeer #craftbeer
Wasnt able to take many pictures cause emmett was wanting to see everything while i hold him but this place was stunning and the beer was damn good! #portjeff #beerbrake 🍻 #beer #ny
From #portstlucie to #portjefferson ! Folks come from near, and far, to see us at the #brewery ! Our new friends Chris and Nicole came all the way from #Florida , and wanted us to be in their picture. Take home $20 worth of to go beer today and get a complimentary #pintglass ! #portjeffersonbrewingcompany #portjefferson #askwhereyourbeerismade #fall2018 #askforportjeffbrew
Eating lunch at my desk. Ham and cheese from pumpernickels deli in East Setauket. I always get ham and cheese the first time from a deli. Because honestly, if you don’t have boars head, I’m gonna pass anyway, or be disappointed. So what’s left, the bread, the produce, the care into the prep and the service. That’s where I want the effort put into, that is where you distinguish yourself, that’s what makes a great SAMMICH. I believe we vote with our money everyday. And this place gets my vote. Bread- great Veggies- great( I’m a shredded guy, which wasn’t the case here but it had CRUNCH and I love some lettuce crunch. Just ask @summersm ) Prep seemed good, might need a closer look as I didn’t go there. Presentation was great. 734 NY-25A, Setauket-East Setauket, NY 11733 if you wanna try.
Pretty glad we both swiped right💜😂
We didn’t pose for this pic @therealmrwalsh @portjeffbrewing #highfive #craftbeer #
Class (adjective): showing stylish excellence
Cheers 🍻
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