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AUTUMN EQUINOX ✨ the sun begins to descend and teachings of death begin to surface but we only need to look to the Northern Hemisphere where spring begins today to see nothing really dies. Along with the powerfully emotional new moon release what no longer serves, feel deeply into wounds that will allow us to grow stronger in love and note - the spiritual path allows us to accept what is and has been but if something is hurting, if you are experiencing abuse in any form that is not a test for you to suffer through. No amount of your love will cure a person unmoved by Love. The most loving thing you can possibly do is move on, like the seasons, like the sun, and rise again stronger 🙏 #thingsillteachmybaby #love #autumn #equinox #sydney
Morning, guys. Come to our restaurant Ble Greek Kouzina to try our delicious desserts. My choice is Lemoni pagoto sandwich with chocolate kataifi and poached dragon fruit, the best sandwich ever😜
Generous proportions, light filled interiors and a convenient lifestyle address combine to offer relaxed easycare living in this top floor beachside apartment. 11/20 Chuter Avenue, Ramsgate Beach is open for inspection this Saturday from 9-9:30am! #billtsounias #tsouniasproperty #justlisted #mcgrathestateagents
Beachside Villa Perfection👌🏽#comingsoon
Good morning 😊
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