📍Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre


I haven’t seen #Beck since 1996 in Cleveland, but I saw him last night at #redrocksamphitheater and HOLY SHIT, he put on such an amazing show! Words can’t even begin to describe it. I just know that if I had the opportunity to go back and see last night’s show again, I would. He even played Harvest Moon with Jenny Lewis, which was perfect. And he played Sea Change... one of my personal faves. And so many more! I could keep gushing, but I’ll stop now. 🤣 9.25.18
Actually, this sunrise is better
Amazing night with @beck underneath the harvest moon 🌚✨
Right before the show.
Beck at Red Rocks under the full moon with my good bud Andy.
What’s better than an epic night with @beck at #RedRocksCO ? TWO nights of Beck on the rocks! Thanks for singing along with us, #FansofRR !
thAt’s sO cUtE Oh my gOd
this is MY clique
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