📍Reykjavík, Iceland


Iceland part 1
“I do not value your money I value your acceptance and loyalty“ ~Xxxtentacion Well, Fuck I guess things didn’t go as planned or didn’t turn out as promising as they looked at the beginning. I simply think I just ran blindfolded into the photography game. I thought I knew everything, when in fact I probably knew the least. This is in no way me saying “I give up”. No! In fact, this is me saying ”I’m working with the right people who can help me accomplish my goal”, but I must go back to square one and execute the basics. I was trying to stand on the roof when I had no foundation. So I will build a strong foundation this time around as I have learned so much through trials and tribulations. I do not have any plans of covering any games soon as I plan to focus on the basics and myself. I have honestly lost sight of WHO I AM. I didn’t understand what that meant till today when I was asked: “who are you?”. So, I have some work to do on my end but I’m working and surrounding with the best people I possibly can. I have a written plan for this year and I’m going to put checks by everything I wrote down! Until then I honestly don’t know if I’ll be as active. I will still checkup to see everyone’s pictures from their season as I am a fan. I struck out but I’ll be back hitting 💣’s. I gotta figure this shit out.✌️🚧🚧🚧🚧 #Iwillbeback #growingpains
Where the ocean meets the island.
Cold nights 🥶, warm smiles 😄 #Blackgirlstraveltoo #blackgirltravelslay
Un poco bizarra mi cara tomandole a la coca🧐 Missing this amazing place
Iceland Series 🇮🇸 2019 Reykjavík #mystopover #iceland #reykjavik
Ain’t no party like a polar bear party!! #shopping #iceiceiceland
"The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” – Wallace Stevens #wanderlust #reykjavik #iceland #explore #travel #wandering
A whirlwind last couple of days on set in #iceland shooting the Swedish TV series 20/20 starring #lenaendre ❤️ All I had time to get a photo of was the view outside my hotel window. 😂😂 I’m super excited to be part of this production and of #spides , currently shooting in Berlin. More photos to come .. 🔥🔥✨✨✨ . . . #tvseries #2019 #actorslife #lenaendre #2020 #spides #sweden #iceland #swedishtv #europeanliving #elizabethkempforever 💚
Opera House Iceland 🇮🇸 we had the best tour guide ever yesterday through @Airbnb she was super knowledgeable. We learned everything that we needed to know about this beautiful country. #airbnbexperiences #iceland
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