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I want to write a little bit about @soundtoys this week, since their plugins have been staples of mine for years, and continue to be even with the massive amount of alternatives. The Decapitator distortion/saturation plugin simply sounds fantastic, and is on almost every single bass or synth/sub bass track regardless of genre. You can just make a sub bass earth shakingly massive, raising its perceived loudness in a mix without making everything muddy. Each style is a different type of modeled saturation that sounds different enough to give you loads of variety, all painstakingly based on real and varied hardware. The musical filter options then allow you to dial things in exactly how you need this plugin to sound, along with the tone knob to focus. Love using Decapitator on the parallel track of lead vocals, or of a guitar solo with a lot of the bass rolled off to help everything punch through the mix and make sure these important elements are front and center. Or even without a parallel track, the handy mix knob works great, allowing you to tweak that and the drive to achieve exactly what you need. And if you want things blatantly crunchy and distorted, hit the punish button and prepare for some extreme----------------------------------------------------- #sanjosemusic #recordingstudio #musicstudio #studiosession #hiphip #studio #indierock #distortion #recording #mixing #mastering #musicianlife #studiogear #producerlife #gearhead #musicproducer #producing #studiolife #plugins #audioengineering #guitarplayer #electricguitar #singersongwriter #rnbmusic #fx #indiemusic #classicrock #vst #bassguitar #drumming
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This morning I was approached with “My son STINKS. He really smells musty. What do I do?” I think we sometimes forget the importance of hydrating for our skin and body. Water is a powerful entity of our world making up about 70% of the earth. Now think about stagnant water and water in motion. Which seems and smells more fresh, pure, and clean? Which would you rather submerge and bathe your body in? Now let’s apply this to your body. Our body is made up of about the same amount of water as our planet. Maintaining adequate hydration flushes water though all of our body systems including our integumentary (skin) system. We feel renewed and refreshed not bogged down like a smelly lump on the couch. . . . I’m headed on vacation today and everything in my routine changes when I’m on vacation. My sleep schedule, eating habits, workout routine, and skin care routine for example. The thing I do to maintain fresh looking glowing skin is I hydrate hydrate hydrate. I flush the toxins out of my body by purifying it with water and movement! Give it a try! I am positive you will see an immediate change in the health and appearance of your skin with just this change! P.S. Yes this is my sun hat for my vacation, SPF 50 y’all!!! . . . #hydration #vacation #dailyroutine #cleanse #refresh #water #skincare
w o r d s • f a i l
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I’m a sucker for everything truffle. Microwaved egg whites to eat in the car....I also topped them with truffle salt! #truffle #spectrumfoods #eggwhites #flexibledieting #teamnorton
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