📍SWEAT 1000 Houston Heights


Thank you @abbyliufit for welcoming me to @sweat_1000 this morning!! I had an amazing workout and will definitely be back soon!! 👕: @lamar.vaughn2
Grateful to be part of the @sweat_1000 fam ❤️ #cometryusout 😁#dmmefordetails 📩
Almost burned 1000 calories, but I couldn’t find the defribillator . 😵 Intense workout with treadmills and strength training, but you’re moving around to stations constantly .I ran at 13 mph today and died. Great workout @sweat_1000
Another great start to the day with a killer workout provided by @vanessammu !! Fit Fam Strong!!Have a great day Beautiful People and please get out and VOTE!!! #usa #iamblessed #lifeisgood #getoutandvote
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