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We got invited to one of the suites for the concert. #thirddayfarewell #targetcenter
What was going to be a sweet night on the roof watching the sun go down turned out to be an awesome adventure! Randomly decided to go see Third Day at the Target Center! We had a blast singing along to all the songs and reconnecting. I love this woman and her free spirit to just DO things and BE WITH her people. PLUS she just ran a marathon which I think deserves a great night out in and of itself!! 🤷‍♀️❤️🎼🎊😁 #thirdday #concert #sing #dance #praise #adventure
A show I will remember forever. Third Day was my FAVORITE band in high school. I knew all of their songs and made sure everyone else around me knew about them too (shocking). Their lyrics & the meaning behind each word were filled with intention and most importantly Jesus. Their faith & gracious attitudes beyond all of the Dove awards & Grammys & 10 million records sold is something very few musicians have. It’s funny when you take music or a band for granted until they decide that life is calling them in different directions to do big things. And you’re reminded of how amazing they are & that you can’t take great life-impacting music for granted. Their “Farewell Tour” covered every album and season of their 25+ band’s career. And it was So Good. My favorite clip from last night. Soul so full & reminded that there is almost nothing better than live music with your people. @thirdday
I’ve Got A Feeling I’m gonna really miss seeing @thirdday live in concert. 😩 #thirddayfarewell #thirdday #targetcenter #mn #sayitaintso
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