📍The World Famous Comedy Store


just wanna highlight this gem of a gal right here ⚡️ Kemma you are a beauty inside and out, a mega talent, and just downright the best !! You killed it last night and I love you so much x here’s to more amazing moments ❤️
Thank you @fixedairheather for having me on ‪@UnrulyPodcast ‬! Up tomorrow !
Comedy Store. Mainroom. Tonight 830pm. I have a Guestlist if anyone wants to go! 🙂
Trying to understand why my mom cares more about the Royal Wedding then my wedding 👑
SAVE THE DATE!!! Message me for my special discount tickets!!! I have new material!!! Full line-up coming soon... #LicenseToKill
In a @lyft back to home base, we made a pass by this place. Yes, the photo sucks... and yes, it doesn’t show anything but a wall... to you. But, to me... it shows so much more. A group of people, that are catching a lot of shit right now, thought enough of me that I was worthy enough to come play a set... of original material... to a group of complete strangers... that actually liked it. This place, while empty, will forever hold a place in my heart... that absolutely anything is possible... if you’re willing to bust your ass to go get it. Yes, sometimes you won’t get paid. Yes, when you ‘do’ get paid, you won’t get paid enough. But... any true musician will tell you that the reward is not ‘money’ or ‘fame’... the reward is ‘within’. Obviously , I’ll never get to play there again, because, well... it’s not there... I will savor that spot. Forever. And that’s what keeps me going! Thank you, #Hollywood - I’m fighting til the bitter end! #FayardMusic #KeepFighting #NoStoppingNow #ILoveLA
The legendary @thecomedystore what a great memory I'll have for a life time. #LOEM #mystomachhurts #sisterinlaws #eggplanthead #pooperscooper
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