📍Venice Beach


Old good times on Venice beach 🏝 #californication
F this cold weather, I’m already ready for Summer!
Venice Beach Music Festival 2018-08-25 #LaterGram
I Been NETWORKing State 2 STATE TRYNNA Make A BETTER WAY YU GAVE UP B4 iT Was BETTA DayS‼️🌍ON THE GO MUNDO🌎🎧🎼IWONT FAIL📸EL MUNDO🌎📽🎤STAMPEDPRODUCT💰💵 @loverr_since_1985 for Providing the 💦🌍
It's weird this was a group of physical specimens representing the absolute peak of athleticism in every way shape and form and yet actually we kind of really suck at basketball now which is honestly OK we're adults for goodness sakes.
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