📍West Fork Trail


It was beyond freezing this weekend but don’t let these low temps discourage you to have fun! ~Lexie M.
Hiking on a beautiful day with my other half😀 #happiness #naturephotography #sedona
Had the best anniversary weekend! Got to see Bohemian Rhapsody finally, went on a beautiful 6.6 mile hike in Sedona (we did this last year too- it’s going to be an anniversary tradition!), stayed at a hotel with a beautiful view, and ate/drank whatever we wanted whenever we wanted!
This year celebrating my birthday has been truly special... though this year has been very challenging (3 cancer scare in my family) but my oldest sister came out negative to her colon cancer test, my dad surviving surgery and now cancer free and my shoulder injury of 6 months then wrist sprain (although I didn’t ware my wrist brace most of the time cause it’s hideous) and my own biopsy came out benign!Through it all God is faithful to see us through and ours is thy Victory! And to Him belong all the glory!!! As I enjoy living out this added year it’ll be for getting back up and at it again to be better than before with God’s help! So Cheers and many thanks to all your prayers, comfort and birthday greetings, let’s look forward to a more glorious unfolding 💕🤗🎉 #birthdaytestimony #godisgoodallthetime #novemberbirthday #thisisme #blessedlife
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