📍Zappos Theater


18 years ago today, I threw baby Andre in the car and ran to Target to get #blackandblue 2000 was a good year!! Both my babies turned 18 this year 🤪 #Morethanthat will always be special to me since that’s where Andre’s first words came from!!! 🙌🏼 #happy18thbirthdayBlackandBlue @backstreetboys @aj_mclean 🖤💙
Way back Wednesday, I was just casually chillin’ with The Backstreet Boys 🖤👫👬👬🖤 #wbw #teeniebopperforlife #backstreetboys #vegas
Backstreets Back and so am I! Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good show and the boys didn’t disappoint. They were better than ever, and when Nick jumped into our booth and grabbed my hand, my inner teenager was dyyyyying! 🤗😍😂
A rare moment where the Zappos theater is dark for maintenance before the next whirlwind of shows begin.
#thankfulfornick because he brought this lady into my life 💖 love u @krazy4bsb
That moment when you finally scanned in your last doc and finished your schedules...and find out autosave didnt save and the blue screen of death demon has a quest to torment your night....yes...that moment...
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