Congrats to Ezra and Mandy! Love, your sweaty friends

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  • kristicaitlyn
    This was in response to "and now let's take one where you act like you like each other." Favorite photo of the night. @cstol , will you text it to me or Andrew? - 1 year ago
  • mayalovelace
    @cstol only because I didn't follow the instructions. My whole life right now is "don't listen to anyone just smize as hard as you can and it'll all work out" - 1 year ago
  • cstol
    @mayalovelace uh yeah cause you look hot as shit - 1 year ago
  • mayalovelace
    Ahhh I love this so much ❤❤❤❤ - 1 year ago
  • sam_alden
    holy shit. congratulations mandy and ezra. uhh i'll say it somewhere other than claire's ig page too. and it's so good to see everyone here that I know!! - 1 year ago
  • cstol
    @sam_alden zoom in on that ring baby! (Also hey dude hope you're well) - 1 year ago
  • sam_alden
    what?!!! WHAT? - 1 year ago