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  • asma.chaudhry31
    @_.astc mayoon. Mayun whatever. - 8 months ago
  • insignia_shoes
    @nuzhat9382 Thank you for appreciating our designs. We have a wide variety of sandals, heels, pumps, chappals and a lot more. You will be surprised to see the huge range available on our store other than the bargain bin. Visit www.insignia.com.pk Happy Shopping! - 1 year ago
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    ❤️🌺🌷❤️🌹🌹 - 1 year ago
  • insignia_shoes
    @ayeshaanooor Thank you for reaching out to us. For price, size, colors, availability in stock and ordering online please visit our website www.insignia.com.pk - You will find all the details listed on our website; in-case there are still queries inbox us or call our helpline to speak to one of our help desk representatives 0423-5909888 help@insignia.com.pk - Happy Shopping - 1 year ago
  • ayeshaanooor
    how can i order these sandals..? - 1 year ago
  • insignia_shoes
    @prinxes_cinderella Price Is PKR 2,000 - 1 year ago
  • basheera_malik
    Price plzzz - 1 year ago